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How to build a wooden wishing well

The Instructions

Step 1. Cut all the members

Cut out all the members (pieces) to the dimensions as shown in The cutting list, on page 3.

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Step 2. Mark and lay out the palings

wishing well wall being marked

Measure 40mm (1 1/2") down from the top and the same amount up from the bottom of all 14 palings (a) and mark a line. Also mark corresponding lines on the 2 extended palings (b), making a total of 16 marked boards altogether. Lay all the palings (a) and extended palings (b) next to one another on an even surface, with the bottoms against a straight edge to keep them in line. When laying down, ensure that there are 7 palings (a) in between the 2 extended palings (b). (See diagram below.)

Note: The gap measurements are given on the next page.

wishing well palings

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