Wishing Well Plans

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This is a downloadable PDF file. Woodworking plans for a wooden wishing well.
There are 14 pages in the downloadable file, consisting of plans, drawings, photos, and step-by-step instructions.
Great fun to build.

The well stands 1400mm (4′-8″) high and is 600mm (2ft) wide.

The cutting list in the downloadable file gives a drawing of every different piece of wood along with the dimensions.

In total you will need:
# 12 meters (40ft) of 100mm x 25mm (1×4) board;
# 5 meters (17ft) of 150mm x 25mm (1×6) board;
# 1 meter (39″) of 25mm x 25mm (1×1) wood;
# 4 meters (13.5ft) of 30mm (1 1/4″) galvanized metal strap;
# 26 exterior type 50mm (2″) long screws;
# 16 exterior type 75mm (3″) long screws for the roof boards;
# two 10mm (3/8″) galvanized bolts 60mm (2 1/2″) long, and
# around 70 of 25mm (1″) galvanized flathead nails.

The plans are written in both standard (inch) and metric (millimetre) measurements.
Any help is in the form of user-input and the URL for the user/comments page is given in the documentation in the downloadable file.