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Building a Police Box

tardis steps 14 1

Introduction The London police box was a little shed type structure used mainly as a communications base for patrolling police officers prior to the age of mobile telecommunications. ...

How to make a concrete gate post


Introduction, digging the hole and the plan drawing Introduction Not only does a concrete gate post look good and have a bit of a stately feel about it, but unlike its lumber counterpart it is ...

Building a wooden sun lounger

sun lounge 1

Introduction and about the measurements A lounger to relax in. This sun lounger is a bit different to most in so much as the back-rest cannot be adjusted. It is set permanently in its optimal ...

Building a Doghouse

Building a Doghouse

Introduction All measurements throughout this project are given in both standard (ft and inches) and metric (mm).The imperial (standard) measurements are given first followed by the metric ...

How to build a wooden gate

photo gate bell 2

How deep?  What size? A simple side or garden gate. This tutorial is given in both Metric (mm) and Imperial (inches) measurements.The metric measurements are given first followed ...

How to build a Cape Cod Chair

userphoto adir nigel 600 2

Introduction, Description & Measurements Introduction This is the 4th version of this particular project. This updated version (take 4) of our previous plans highlights the value of ...

Kids bbq table

photo kids picnic dusseldorf2

Below are the plans, instructions & cutting list for each piece of timber neededto construct the kids bbq picnic table. This is a smaller copy of the full-size table picnic here. Ft and inch ...

PVC and polycarbonate Roofing

PVC and polycarbonate Roofing

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS PVC / Polycarbonate sheet roofing Pvc and polycarbonate sheet roofing come in a variety of profiles, sizes, and colors. Quality and prices vary immensely.The most ...

How to make a Wall Frame

builder 2

Wall Framing Page one 1. Identifying the members Wall Framing, excepting headers, is usually of 100x50 (2x4) stock, for perimeter or bearing walls. Internal non-load bearing walls can be ...

How to build a workbench

workbench dav 3

Simple but sturdy! A simple, strong, no frills workbench Introduction The average DIYer would probably be content with a less elaborate woodworking bench than a woodworker might otherwise ...

About Lattice and how to install

About Lattice and how to install

About Lattice A wood lattice consists of diagonal or vertical and horizontal strips of wood (laths) cris-crossing to make a grille like pattern.Lattice is suitable for trellis or as decorative ...

Build an Artists Easel

photo kids easel rose

Artists easel - Plans and Instructions An artists easel is a freestanding, three-legged frame structure, usually made of wood, which is used by an artist to hold a canvas upright while it's being ...

How to build a Wendy House

userphoto wendy dan 720

Introduction The Wendy House  A Wendy house is basically a playhouse with a few feminine touches added. With a little imagination, customized touches can be added to your Wendy house to ...

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