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Here are some free woodworking plans to keep you busy!

How To Build A Bar

How To Build A Bar

If you've got the floor space, it's a fun idea to design and put together your bar hideaway. You've probably seen many people's bar projects online and thought, you know what? I want to do that! ...

How To Make A Headboard

How To Make A Headboard

Headboards are a great way to add some personality to your bedroom decor. They come in so many designs; some have storage, some have fabric on them and some could be pure wood.  You don’t have to ...

How to replace a door

A Door

The glass in the entry door was cracked and the frame pretty worse for wear, so it was really time for a new door.The old door was a common size so it was no problem finding a replacement.This is ...

Bathroom do-over

Bathroom Do-Over

Introduction, getting started Introduction The bathroom/laundry downstairs was in dire need of a do-over. The floor area was 8ft x 8 1/2ft (2400mm x 2550mm). It contained a sink, washing ...

How to make a Kid’s Desk

How to make a Kid’s Desk

Introduction This kid's desk uses a tongue, slot and wedge system to hold most of it together.The desk frame is made up of interlocking 3/4"(18mm) thick plywood panels: spacer panels and side ...

How to make a Track Dolly

Track Dolly

Introduction and materials Because we tend to be focusing more and more on videoing Buildeazy projects, we try to improve production as we go and occasionally we get - or make - a new tool to ...

Build a Garden Chair

garden chair build start

Garden chair project by Les Kenny This is a very comfortable garden chair and it doesn't look too bad either. It would pretty much look good in any garden. Made out of mostly 140mm x 35mm ...

Side Coffee Table Project

Side Coffee Table

Introduction All measurements throughout this project are given in both Metric (mm) and Standard/Imperial inches.The measurements are given first in millimeters (mm), followed by inches in ...

How to build a peaked top arbor

arbor 45degree roof

Introduction and lumber requirements This arbor is a solid construction with 100x100 (4x4) posts concreted into the ground, 100x50 (2x4) rafters, 50x50 (2x2) roof frame members and 50x50 (2x2) ...

How to build a dollhouse

How to build a dollhouse

Preface How it started "Granddad, could you please make me a dollhouse for my birthday?"That's where it all started.I had made dollhouses before for my kids, but that was some thirty years ...

How to make an elf cave

hobit 300x280

Preface I first co-authored this project with my daughter Roseanne in 2004-2005. It was one of five projects we were commissioned to do for a book called 'DIY for kids - book two'. That book ...

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