5 Most Amazing Woodworking Projects

Woodworking Workshop

Woodworking is not simply a practical (and a fun) hobby, it is a form of modern art, combining practicality with the quirkiest over-the-top designs. I bet none of the woodworking ...

21 Amazing And Inspiring Wooden Stairs

Wooden Stairs

These staircases are mostly custom made, and they would add an incredible sense of homeliness to any house. The custom woodworking is nothing short of wondrous. Check out the detailing on #10, ...

19 Beautiful Rustic Woodworking Projects

Rustic Wood Table

Rustic interior design is captivating and gives the home cozy atmosphere. With woodworking, rustic style is almost the central point when designing different projects so if you are a fan of rustic ...

Woodworking Pitfalls to Avoid

Woodworking Tools

The exorbitant cost of hiring a carpenter to do work for you and expensive furniture stores have prompted many people to do their own carpentry. Many people have decided to DIY. Although that ...

How to Sand Wood Perfectly

Sanding Wood

Sanding wood is a key skill in the woodworker’s toolbox, so it’s important to be well-versed in what you should (and shouldn’t) be doing. There’s a little more to it than simply grabbing some ...

When to DIY and When Not to DIY

DIY Tools

Hiring a professional such as a carpenter or a builder to produce work can be an expensive exercise. That has forced many people to seek alternatives. The internet is filled with informative ...

The Best Way To Get Started

Coffee Table DIY

Checkout the incredible table above – looks professionally made, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not. This is the work of a woodworking hobbyist, just like you. All it took was some knowledge, plans, ...

How to Plunge Cut With a Hand Wood Router

Hand Wood Router

A router is a tool that has a vertical spindle and cutter that is used to hollow out the surface of a wooden or metallic material. It is commonly made of wood or plastic. A router is mainly used in ...

The Definitive Guide to Woodworking Safety

Woodworking Safety

Woodworking should be fun and relaxing and it is, IF woodworking safety is adhered to when out in the wood shop. Failure to follow safe practices in the shop can lead to small injuries and worse, ...

How To Choose Woodworking Woods

Woodworking Woods

Once you’ve decided to get into woodworking and you’ve chosen a project, your next step is choosing woodworking woods for your project. In this phase of your woodworking adventures you really ...

Your Garage Can Become Your Workshop

Woodworking workshop

Not everybody is fortunate enough to have a dedicated wood shop, but almost anyone can find some space to work with wood. So long as you can put up with a bit of a mess, and some noise. Well, ...

Beginner’s Woodworking Guide

Beginner Woodworking Guide

In this guide you will learn how to start woodworking; from the tools you need, to how to do your very first woodworking project! Creating something with your own hands is one of the most ...

How can I make my garden more secure


Note: This section is now in the archives and the advice service has finished but feel welcome to look over these previously posted articles. An important aspect of garden design, which is often ...

DIY Ingenuity

drop-saw repaired

The lads were working away when the main spring in their compound miter saw broke. For those of you who do not know, a compound miter saw is a circular saw on an arm that can be raised up or down ...

K2 Telephone Box burned down

K2 Telephone Box burned down

My K2 telephone box got cooked by Les Kenny I think my favorite project of all time would have to be the English K2 telephone box which I built back in 2012. It was a pretty good detailed copy of ...

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