Readers’ Handiwork

  • Mike Cook on Build a Garden Chair: “Just finished my 1st attempt at this chair, apart from some minor quality control details it turned out pretty good.…Sep 6, 02:55
  • David Charnock on How To Build a Cape Cod Chair: “Good plans, once I got my head round the assembly, it went fine. Made mine from pallet wood, here is…Aug 31, 14:18
  • Patty on How to make a Spiral Wind-Spinner: “You must have an attachment that allows the entire thing to spin in the wind. Other sites explain it.Aug 22, 20:15
  • ken on Making a straight deck: “Can I ask or can you explain (laying a straight deck article) why you lay every third row first, and…Aug 19, 04:16
  • Carlo Volti on Building a Police Box: “I haven’t made this yet. Someone I know has a real UK Phone Box (the red ones), and I was…Aug 11, 15:22
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