Build a Garden Chair

garden chair build start

Garden chair project by Les Kenny This is a very comfortable garden chair and it doesn't look too bad either. It would pretty much look good in any garden. Made out of mostly 140mm x 35mm ...

How to make a padded drop-in seat

photo bed end bench steve 1

Base board and foam A dabble into upholstery How to upholster the seat:Modern upholstering is done (in some cases) a bit differently to the more traditional methods of the past.This padded ...

Stick chair from 1×2 lumber

Stick Chair

Making a folding stick chair by Les Kenny This particular stick chair was designed for and built by Robyn, a novice woodworker and only her second ever woodworking project. You can see more ...

How to make a Concrete Chair

How to make a Concrete Chair

Introduction One of the good things about concrete furniture is that you can't move it. Once it's there, it's there. Nobody is going to walk away with it.One of the bad things about concrete ...

How to build a King Chair

userphoto kingchair carr 1

Introduction The inspiration for this project came from a chair I saw in the grounds of Nottingham Castle in Nottingham, England.That was back in 2009. Below is a photo of the chair in ...

Building a wooden sun lounger

Sun Lounger

Introduction and about the measurements A lounger to relax in. This sun lounger is a bit different to most in so much as the back-rest cannot be adjusted. It is set permanently in its optimal ...

How To Build a Cape Cod Chair

userphoto adir nigel 600 2

Introduction, Description & Measurements Introduction This is the 4th version of this particular project. This updated version (take 4) of our previous plans highlights the value of ...

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