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Hot Tub Enclosure
3 months ago

Plans to Build a Gazebo Hot Tub Enclosure

$3.00 -40%
The plans are for an 8ft x 8ft (2400x2400mm) square gazebo hot tub (spa) enclosure with an attached drink bar. The downloadable PDF file contains 20 pages of plan drawings, pictures, materials you will need, and step-by-step build instructions. This is a rustic-looking square gazebo constructed out of rough wood (before the wood has been planned, dressed, etc) and is well suited placed amongst trees and plants in a bush-like setting. It is 8ft (2400mm) square with an overall height of 110-1/4" (2800mm) and a clearance of 80-3/4" (2050mm) from the ground to the lowest part of the roof. It was made to house a 251 US gallon (950 liters) family hot tub 79-1/2" (2020mm) square by 30" (760mm) high, but of course, it can also be used solely as a gazebo for any purpose. The gazebo features an attached bar, a skylight, and an option to give it a more exotic look by adding brushsticks to the roof.
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  1. Hi From Australia. I have just completed a half size Adirondack chair for my three year old granddaughter.
    Note the hand painted fairy on the back slat. I used recycled hard wood from an old BBQ trolley.
    Thank you for a great plan.
    Barry, Port Macquarie, Australia.

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