‘Dr Who’ Police Box Plans

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This is a downloadable PDF file. How to build a London Police Box.
There are 57 pages in the downloadable file, including plans, drawings, photos, and step-by-step instructions.
It is my take on the 1929 Mackenzie Trench design police watch box, very similar to (and the same size as) the Police Watch Box that sits outside Earls Court Railway Station in London.
The police box outside Earl’s Court tube station in London was built in 1997 and based on the 1929 Mackenzie Trench design.
It is not a prop.
It is a very solid structure suitable not only for show, but also for many practical uses. It is big and strong enough to be used as a garden shed to store garden tools etc., and it can be transformed into a cattery, a pool side changing shed, or any other type of quirky rendition that could be limited only by your imagination.
This is a full-size version very similar to the police box outside Earl’s Court tube station in London.
The plans are written in both standard (inch) and metric (millimetre) measurements.
It is designed for outside use. The corner pillars alone could just about hold up a house.
It is made in sections that can be dismantled if it ever needs to be moved
The footprint is 1430 mm (57ΒΌ”) square and it stands 2700 mm (9 ft) tall.
Help is in the form of user-input and the URL for the user/comments page is given in the documentation in the downloadable file.