Folding Picnic Table Plans

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This is a $5 (USD) downloadable PDF file. Plans for a folding picnic table of 2×4 (50×100) wood
that folds down to a single bench seat.
Made solely out of 2×4 (50×100) wood,

The size of the thing

In picnic table mode the overall footprint (area it takes up on the ground) is 60″ (1524mm) long by 47-1/4″ (1200mm) wide.
In bench seat mode the overall footprint is 60″ (1524mm) long by 21-1/2″ (545mm) wide.
The height is 29″ (737mm)

It is built using one wood size only – 2×4 (50×100), a very common stock size.
The bench arms that have adorned the other models have been done away with as it is excess work, excess materials, and when in picnic table mode it is better without them.
This complete unit is built solely out of standard 2x4s (which measure 1 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches, actual size).

All the pieces can be cut from 9 only 8ft lengths of 2×4. Pretty common stuff.

This model also has an optional ‘clip-on’ piece that adds to the height of the backrest when the unit is in bench mode.
The ‘clip-on’ actually adds somewhat to back comfort and (depending on taste) gives the bench more appeal.