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Plan Purchase Page (downloadable pdf file)

concrete seat

● Pay online by credit card or Paypal using Secure Server Paypal

● After making payment you will automatically be sent an email with a secure download link that will allow 3 download attempts.

You know - there is also a free version of these plans in the BuildEazy website. The free version, apart from being full of ads, cannot be printed out in one single file.
This $5 option is here simply because readers have requested it in clean copy.

Concrete seat, plans & instructions - $5.00 USD

Purchasing instructions below, 2 easy steps.

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Purchasing Instructions - 2 simple steps

Step 1.   Click on the 'BUY IT NOW' button above and fill in the required fields displayed in the pages that follow to complete the payment transaction.

Step 2.   In the payment confirmation page click on the 'Return to Buildeazy' button.
REGARDLESS, after payment you will be sent an email with the download link along with a receipt.

No email? Please check your spam folder. The email with the download link will be obvious with the following headings;   FROM: Buildeazy, SUBJECT: Your order is ready.

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