20 Ideas For Renovating Your House



Every now and again we get the urge to freshen up our homes. We may love how they look, but we just need something new, a bit of spice added to our lives, and new scenery.

Renovating your home can be really exciting. Our homes are representations of us, who we are, the things we love, and what makes us feel safe, cozy, and like we really belong. Renovation gives us a chance to reinvent this part of ourselves.

It also gives us a chance to express ourselves, try new fashion trends, and open up the rooms of our homes in different ways.

So, let’s get started.

Before You Renovate

Before You Renovate

Before you get renovating, you should consider a few things though. It might seem all exciting and perfect, but renovating your home is no easy feat when you consider the other aspects of life that you need to really do this.

It is no walk in the park, so let’s tick a few boxes first.


First, you need to think with your financial cap on. Renovation costs money, if you want to go all out, and renovate the whole home, you are going to need a hefty chunk of cash aside for this, and it is going to cut a hole in your bank account.

Sure, it may be worth it, but will you be able to financially recover from this?

Set out a plan, look over your finances, and assess what you can afford, then set a budget with which you will renovate.

If it comes to it, you can renovate room after room one at a time, as you save to do so. But do not put yourself out of pocket, or in a financially risky position for something that doesn’t NEED to be done.



Consider what is practical to do. Not every home renovation is always practical. Sure, you might think some decking will make your yard look epic, but is it really practical, do you have the space? Will it be used enough for it to be justified?

You might want a new kitchen, but do you need one? Are your plans for a new kitchen ideal or just flashy?

Remember, home renovation is about style, but it is also about practicality. Every room in your home has a practical use, and renovation may not always serve the practical purposes. So make sure whatever you want is practical.

Time Commitments

Renovation also takes time. It is never going to be over and done with overnight, especially if you are renovating a whole room. Consider the time it will take to do this and if you can sacrifice the time to do so.

If you are hiring a contractor to do the renovations make sure you have the time to be at home while they are working on it, or that the timescale is something that is not a problem for your lifestyle.

If you’re renovating your kitchen, can you do without some of the appliances for a while? Can you eat somewhere else? What will you do?

Consider the time commitments and how it will affect your life in other aspects.



Before you go jumping head first into renovation, be sure to plan things out. If you want to do a whole home renovation, consider tackling things one room at a time, which room needs it most.

Consider what your budget allows for and what NEEDS doing. Put a plan together, get some quotes, prices, and ideas and then start going deeper.

It is also important to know what you want out of this renovation. There is no need to go into a renovation just for the sake of it. Consider how you want your home to look and feel, what you want to gain from this.

Why not put together a binder full of your plans for this renovation, so that when you get started, you have everything from your budget to your end goal.

Consult Ideas

You should always have an idea of what you want your home to look like once the renovations are done. Consult your ideas. You know that binder? Get some images in there, some reference material.

Go down to the local DIY store, pick up some samples, and know what you want.

Even better, talk to a contractor, put together some ideas, talk to them about what you want, see what a professional suggests.

Asking a professional is always a good idea, you get a better idea of what will work, how it will work, and you may also get a quote too, so you will know if what you want is in your budget.

Top 20 Ideas For Renovating Your House

Top 20 Ideas For Renovating Your House

So, you want to renovate your house? Awesome. Well, we have put together 20 top ideas for you to work from. Get that binder out and note down the ideas we have for you that you like.

With these ideas you can have a big budget or a small budget. There is something for everyone. You do not have to be swimming in cash to renovate at least a little. Renovation can be small, but even the smallest thing can make a massive difference.

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house without a doubt. You do not even need to go all out with this one, but you certainly can if you want to.

Remodeling your kitchen could be something as simple as adding some new flooring, installing a backsplash, getting a new cooker, perhaps a refrigerator, or perhaps investing in a breakfast nook.

You can use your imagination. Perhaps install some new lighting fixtures or add a splash of paint.

Great colors for your kitchen are bright and cool colors. Kitchens are hot rooms by nature, so adding some cool colors will stop the kitchen being so hot. So, even if you are fully remodeling the kitchen, be sure to choose cool or neutral colors to keep it cool.

Redefine Your Color Scheme

Speaking of colors, redefining your color scheme is always a good way to go. We often keep the same colors for years, but adding a splash of new color can really change the whole mood and look of a room.

Here are a few things to remember…

Blues, Whites, and Greens are cool colors, they help to cool down hot rooms.
Whites, Beige, Gray, and Yellows are more neutral.
Reds, Oranges, and Browns are warm colors heating up cool rooms.

So, if your kitchen is too hot, perhaps redefine with some white paint. If your bedroom is blue , and it’s cold, perhaps a neutral color will work better.

A new style recently is gray, in fact, grayscale colors in homes have become more popular over recent years. Blacks and whites have also made their way into many kitchen styles.

See what is in fashion lately and give it a try.

Setting Up A Home Office

If you do not have one, why not set up a home office. You do not need to have a fancy job, or work from home. A home office can simply be a space in which you can deal with taxes, bills, and such.

If you have kids, this can be a good space for them to do homework when you are not using it, as it will be distraction free. You do not even need to have a separate room for this. A quiet area like a space available under the stairs works great!

Get some shelving units, a desk, some drawers, a good ergonomic chair and even a small laptop will work great!

Build A Swing bed

If you want something a little more unique that will wow your guests, why not go for a swing bed?

Okay, this is a little out there but stay with us. A swing bed is exactly what it sounds like, but we have swing chairs so why not a swing bed?

A swing bed is suspended from the ceiling and sits at the level of a normal bed, but instead you can see the floor underneath it. This is perfect if you want the room to seem a little bigger than it is.

It is also a great invention that will make people think you are unique and really cool. So, if you are a little out there and are still in touch with your inner-child, a swing bed could be a great shout for you!

Just remember to be safety conscious with these!

Indoor Dog House For Your Dog

Why does Fido need to sleep outside? If you have a space in your home that is not particularly used, such as under the stairs, or perhaps an old cupboard, why not turn it into an indoor doggie house? All you need is some imagination?

It can keep your dog from barking in the night when they have to sleep outside, and it will give you a chance to use your inner inventor.

You could go a bit crazy and make a full on mini house for your dog, or just give them a cool lounging space where they feel safe. Like their own bedroom!

It is a great way to utilize some unused space in your home, and make your pet even happier.

You could do this for any pets too. If you have cats, why not a cat house?

Making A Breakfast Bar

If you usually sit at the dinner table for breakfast, why not make use of some extra space? Most people do not sit at dinner tables very often any more anyway. Breakfast bars can be cozy and inviting.

They feel less formal and more relaxed, so if you find your kids don’t typically want to eat breakfast at the table, install a breakfast bar, and you’ll be eating meals together more regularly. It is so hard to resist the style and comfort these can bring.

What is even better is that you can make these unique, and there are so many styles. You could go for a modern look, an old-fashioned style, perhaps something a bit rustic or with a specific theme. Go wild!

Re-Organizing Your Pictures & Shelving

You would be so surprised at what a difference moving things around can do. Your current layout might be great, but if you move some things around you could end up with more space than you realized!

Sometimes we put things in a space because they are there, but they actually make a space look smaller. Move some pictures and shelving units around, and you might end up having more space than you thought you did!

If you are feeling a bit more curious, you could buy some new shelving units, in a different shape and expand your aesthetic even more. You can get shelves in all sorts of shapes and sizes now.

Have a play around and see what you can do with your wall space. It can open up the room a whole lot more!

Looking For Opportunities For Storage

Our homes are riddled with opportunities for storage space, but unless you have a creative and inventive mind, you might miss them.

That area under the stairs… What if you filled it with drawers, or turned it into a cupboard? What could you fit in there!

That space under your bed, what if you filled that with drawers? You could convert your bed and the surrounding area, so it is not only a bed but is full of storage compartments, you can store books, ornaments, and more.

There are so many areas in our homes we can get inventive with if we look for the opportunity. We just need to think a little more creatively and then anything could be a storage space.

If you have thick walls, you have even more opportunity.

Experiment With Open Shelving

Open shelving isn’t for everyone, but if you have a lot of cupboards and drawers, things can start to look a bit clunky. Open shelving gives you the opportunity to show off your organization skills.

In bathrooms, you can show off your clean white towels, toiletries and such in a way that looks stylish.

You can show off ornaments or items you have collected over the years. Instead of having photos taking up walls, why not have them on open shelves surrounded by ornaments that highlight them?

You can get really inventive with open shelves. Of course, they are not for everyone, and some things are not made for open shelving units, but it gives you an opportunity to individualize your home, and tell your story.

Home renovation is about expression, and open shelving units can be really expressive.

Modernize Bathroom Space

Modernize Bathroom Space

Nothing is more of a turn-off than a bathroom that looks like it was dated back in the 60s or 70s. It’s just not the style we want anymore. Modern bathrooms are more minimalistic, clean, and open.

You can modernize your bathroom in so many ways, sometimes just a lick of paint or tile changes can make a massive difference.

However you can go further, towel rails installed in the walls, overhead installed spotlighting, open shelving units with plants on them.

Did you know that you can even get toothbrush holders that sanitize your toothbrushes when you put them away, and units that dispense toothpaste for you? Wild! But these are modern and give your bathroom a cleaner look to them.

You could get a walk in shower, or install a wooden floor to make it feel like a spa.

Use your imagination, there are so many ways to modernize your bathroom space.

Upgrade Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting is very important. We handle a lot of dangerous items in the kitchen, so we definitely need to see what we are doing. Upgrading kitchen lighting is a must! Especially if you are working with something old-fashioned.

A style that is really in is having naked bulbs hanging down, but this is not ideal for the kitchen. Other rooms, yes, not the kitchen.

In fact, one lighting system that works brilliantly in kitchens is spotlighting, especially in the cooking areas. You want to be able to see everything that you are doing, and the spotlight is great.

We recommend LED bulbs for kitchens, and all rooms, as they are not only cheapest, but they are safer and more economical.

Customize Personal Color For Bedroom

Whether you love your bedroom and want it to be your personal happy place, or you just want to make it more ideal for sleep, you should always consider personal colors for bedrooms.

A bedroom should have its own personality, something that speaks to you.

If you want to change your bedroom color for sleep, consider that you sleep best in dark and cool conditions. So, if your bedroom is a hot room, consider a cool color such as purple, blue, or green.

Gray works well in bedrooms too.

However, it need not all be one color. Why not paint three walls one color and have one wall a different color. This often works well if the wall which the headboard is against is the wall with a different color.

Maintain Insulation

Insulation is important, and you should always maintain it. Insulation keeps your home warm, and will keep your energy bills in the winter much lower.

However, since heat rises, one of the places you should be more stringent about insulation is in the attic. If your insulation in the attic is not maintained, you can lose a great deal of heat from your home this way.

It is wise to have your attic insulation checked and maintained every decade at least! It is also a very smart home investment, if you were to sell your home, updating and checking insulation should always be on your to-do list, as it can raise the cost of the entire home.

Not to mention the money you save on energy costs when you are sure to maintain the insulation in the attic.

Upgrade For Your Boiler

The world is full of new ways that you can spruce up your home, however, one of these days is to be more economic with your energy. Upgrading your boiler system can change a lot.

If you have a boiler over ten or so years old, you could be spending money you do not need to. Newer boilers may be expensive at first glance, but they will save you money in the long run.

However, you can one up from here too. Why not install some smart home tech? You can now get devices that will link your boiler to your phone or another external device, so you can control it from your mobile phone or other rooms in the house!

Just imagine you are coming home from a hike and are feeling a bit chilly, you can turn on your heating from your phone, so the house is nice and toasty when you get back! Score!

Solar Panels & Other Ways Of Energy Efficiency

If you have the right roof size you could install some solar panels. However, you need to do some calculations. Every square foot of space on your roof could generate around 15W of energy. So an installation on a small house would only need about 200 square feet of space.

Typically, you would need around 18 to 24 panels for this to be effective for the amount of energy used in the average home in America.

You will need to consider the location of the panels, the energy you use, how much roof space you have, the rating of the panels, and your budget.

They are a great idea, but be sure that you have the space and efficiency for them to be worth it as an investment.

Utilize Garage Space

Consider how you use your garage, do you use it for your vehicle, or is it more of a storage area? If you have an EV you will likely store and charge your vehicle in there. However, you may also use it for DIY work, and storage too.

You can make a lot out of your garage if you use the space wisely. Consider shelving units, or getting a workbench in there for DIY projects.

How you arrange the things inside your garage will make a major difference. If you do not use it for a vehicle, you could convert the entire layout of your home, and use it as a game room, extend it as a living area, or a family room.

Repaint & General Touch Up

Even if you do not have an extensive budget, just doing some painting and touching up here and there can make a huge difference.

Add a new lick of paint to areas. Kitchens and bathrooms especially as these are commonly communal rooms of the house, and will typically suffer the most wear and tear. Give the kitchen and bathroom units a new lick of paint.

Add some paint or maybe tiling to the walls, and see the rooms change.

As you do touch ups, re-caulk the bathroom to keep it sealed and clean, and give it a full deep clean.

You’d be so surprised what even the most minimal acts can do. Adding some new flooring, some paint, and re-caulking can change an entire room and make it feel brand new.

New Floors

Flooring can make a massive difference. Most people are moving away from carpeting and choosing laminate or LVP flooring instead. These may seem to be more expensive, but they are better.

LVP especially is much more useful, especially for kitchens, living spaces, and bathrooms. This type of flooring is waterproof, and has a protective layer. It is easy to clean, and will damage less easily than a carpet. It also won’t stain so easily either.

Having laminate or LVP flooring means you can keep your flooring looking gorgeous for so much longer!

When you do this, you may decide that you still want the softness of a carpet in some areas, so why not simply invest in some nice rugs to go with the hardwood floors?

Garden & Patio Rework

Did you know that gardens and patios can actually make up for a significant amount of home value when you are selling?

For this reason, we think it is extra important to maintain these areas.

If you are not a massive gardener, you can still make something great out of your yard space. You can get easy evergreen plants that need minimal maintenance and plant them to give some greenery to your yard.

A fire pit, or cozy seating area can make a massive difference too.

If you have a patio, wash it down regularly, and do not forget to weed the areas as well to prevent unwanted plant growth disrupting the setting you have.

If you have decking, always maintain it, make sure it does not suffer rot or water damage, and give it polish from time to time.

Adding Or Maintaining Window Shutters

Once upon a time, window shutters were something you only thought you’d see in old-fashioned movies. We moved forward to curtains, but many find window shutters just better.

They add some style and a fresh feeling to your home.

If you already have window shutters, these are one of the easiest window installments to clean! Simply dust each slat down, you can use a duster, you can use a blind cleaner, or you could even vacuum them!

Wipe down for stains, and if there are any hard-to-remove stains, you can paint over these.

They are so easy to maintain and do not suffer damage as easily as things such as curtains.

If you want another reason to get them, they just look gorgeous, and they are space-saving too. If you move from curtains to window shutters, you save all that curtain space, and you save on cleaning too!

Hints & Tips

Hints & Tips

Before we leave you to get on with your home renovation project, we want to leave you with some hints and tips on how to get this done successfully.

Whether you want to renovate to enjoy your home more yourself, or if you are considering doing so to sell and profit, you will need to keep a few things in mind. So, we will touch on these before we go.

Always pay mind to your budget, even if you are selling. Your budget will dictate what is a reasonable expense and what can be left behind in your renovation planning.

Remember you can stand to gain from even the smallest changes, if your budget doesn’t allow for massive changes, a smaller alternative can still have a great effect. Before any choice you make, ask your budget if it’s viable.

Plan ahead whatever you do. It is wise to plan each room, and what you will do. If you have a budget to play around with. Consider what needs to be done, and divide your budget between the rooms.

Some rooms may need more attention than others, so split your budget as required.

Do plenty of research, you may have seen items that you like and want to incorporate into your home. However, you do not always need to pay top dollar, sometimes you can find the best supplies at a less expensive price.

Do NOT be afraid to browse around, or even DIY some things. You can create some of the most unique designs yourself.



Renovating your home can be a very stressful time, but it is so much easier if you plan ahead, and budget accordingly. Remember to always think things through before you follow through, so your end result is what you wanted and doesn’t tip your wallet over.

Be as wild, weird, and wonderful as you want in your renovation, nothing is off-limits, unless your budget says so. Be creative with how you use your space, and you may find that you actually have more space available than you thought you did.

Go now you creative butterfly, and make something wonderful out of your home!



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