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Plans and step-by-step instructions on how to build a Wendy house (a girls playhouse)

I have had these Wendy house plans and instructions available online for some time.
It has proven to be a very popular project. Many people have built it, and many
have been good enough to send in photos of their handiwork.

Both versions are the same except one is in imperial (ft and inches) and the other in in metric (mm).
There are clear plans, instructions, and drawings.

The Wendy house is an ideal small playhouse for young girls.
With a bit of imagination, customized touches can be added to the Wendy house to create a unique and special environment.
The floor area of the house is 48″ x 87″ (1200mm x 2170mm)
with a 28″ (700mm) covered deck along the front, also incorporating a handrail.
The doorway is 46″ (1150mm) high and 24″ (600mm) wide. There are two windows.
The roof is a 45 degree pitched roof, giving ample headroom inside and there is a lean-to roof over the front deck.

Materials List (Standard)
# 1 1/2″x 5 1/2″ stock for floor joists. 60ft of
# 3/4″x 3 1/2″ stock for decking. 165ft of
# 1 1/2″x 2 1/2″ stock for framing. 365ft of
# 1 1/2″x 2 1/2″ treated stock for posts. 14ft of
# 1 1/2″x 3 1/2″ stock for ridge beam. 8ft of
# 1 1/2″x 3 1/2″ treated stock for handrail. 20ft o
# 1×6 treated stock for handrail. 65ft of
# 1×4 stock for fascia, barge board, ridge capping and door backing. 60ft of
# Galvanized horizontal weather strip flashing. 8ft of
# 1/8″ thick acrylic sheet (plastic glass) for windows. 16 sq ft of
# Assorted nails, mastic sealant, hinges, door handle.

Note: Alternative size framing lumber. All the framing lumber referred to in this project is 1 1/2″x 2 1/2″ lumber which is dressed (surfaced) 2×3. If this stock size is not available in your area, then use 1 1/2″x 3 1/2″ (ex 2×4) lumber but make any necessary measurement adjustments.
Alternatively rip 1 1/2″x 5 1/2″ (ex 2×6) lumber in half to obtain the 1 1/2″x 2 1/2″ stock.

Materials List (Metric)
# 145×46 (ex 150×50) stock for floor joists. 15m of
# 90×32 (ex 100×40) stock for decking. 50m of
# 65×46 (ex 75×50) stock for framing. 80m of
# 65×46 (ex 75×50) treated stock for posts. 4m of
# 90×46 (ex 100×50) stock for ridge beam. 2.4m of
# 90×46 (ex 100×50) treated stock for handrail. 6m of
# 150×25 treated stock for handrail. 20m of
# 100×25 stock for fascia, barge board, ridge capping and door backing. 18m of
# Galvanized horizontal weather strip flashing. 2.4m of
# 3mm thick acrylic sheet (plastic glass) for windows. 1.2 sq m of
# Assorted nails, mastic sealant, hinges, door handle.

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  1. Avatar


    Hi, Love the plans which worked a treat.
    I made this during the 1st year of my daughter’s life in 2009 and I highly recommend it for any new Dad. It’s one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done and I had nearly zero building experience.
    Edie absolutely loves it too and gets more use out of it as each year passes.
    Thanks for making it available on your site.

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  2. Avatar


    Thanks to BuildEazy for the great plans for this Wendy house!
    It took a week of sawing and fitting, a day of treating wood and a day to put up, My niece loves it.
    Can’t wait to start another project.

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  3. Avatar


    Thank you so much for the plans!
    I have two girls who will get years of fun out of this cubby house!
    I also got a great boost finding out that I can actually take on a project like this!
    I made a few alterations to get a little more detail!! Love it! The plans were awesome!
    Charissa Marwick York, Western Australia

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  4. Avatar


    I just wanted to thank you for your free download plans regarding the Wendy playhouse. I modified the plans a little and wanted to share pictures with your website. thanks again

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  5. DAN


    For the Wendy house project.
    Found these plans very useful as were the user photos from which I got a few of the alternative ideas. Really enjoyed building it. Thanks!

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  6. Avatar


    Thank you for the plans for the Wendy House. We modified the plans so they ended up 7 foot x 5 foot and 5 foot high. The colourbond roof and the plywood cladding were recycled and we put flashing under the colourbond to make it cooler. The cubby house is 4 foot off the ground with a drawbridge and chain bridge to connect it to the lawn. We built it for our 2 and 4 year olds as a Christmas present. The 4 year old requested the cubby house be painted to match our house and for her birthday has requested a doorbell and a letterbox. kind regards
    Bronwyn Davey

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  7. Avatar


    I just want to thank you for the plans to build the Wendy playhouse.

    I made a few changes to make it a little taller and left off the covered porch.

    My little girls love it, once again thanks again.
    Daniel Dillard, Broken Arrow, OK

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  8. Avatar


    Prevention PLUS YouthBuild students built 2 Wendy Houses.
    We made only minor changes in the plans. Great activity!
    Students learned a lot and 2 of the houses they built were donated to Veterans.

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  9. Avatar


    Hi, I built this for my twin grandsons Ethan and Elliot (2 years old and very active) as a Christmas present.
    Have to thank you for use of your plans. They were straightforward and easy to follow. A great help. I adjusted numerous sizes to suit the timber I was using and strengthened the roof trusses to cope with the concrete tiles (two rows front and three at rear).
    But overall it followed your design and the boys are having great fun in it (Nearly as much fun as their mum gets from it!)
    Ronnie Reardon – Balloch, Scotland.

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  10. Avatar


    I modified your plans to use 2 x 4 lumber, I deleted the porch roof and also added an additional plate upon which the roof rests in order to make the final house portable.
    It was built in our driveway and I was able to disassemble the house for its move to the cutest little granddaughter ever.
    It has since been named “Baby’s House.” Saw the idea of the painted garden on the porch railing and had to use it. It was an easy project thanks to your plans.

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  11. Avatar


    Thank you for the Wendy House plans. I followed the same basic idea, but made it bigger (6×9 plus porch, and 9 feet high).

    Ok, I went completely overboard, building it on a concrete footing with block paver porch, insulated and finished interior walls, full electric, carpet, air conditioning.
    David Lambert

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  12. Avatar


    I have 4 of my 5 nieces are in one family, and are very grateful!
    It was the first time I have built something like this and the project was a success, largely due to sensible and easy to follow instructions.
    Some things future builders might want to consider.
    1) Moving the WH. I built off site. With hindsight, I should have attached casters to the floor joists.
    2) Invest in a good drop saw (or Compound Miter Saw). I can’t believe how much I used it.
    3) We painted 3 blackboards internally (on the back of the plywood walls). Nieces 4 loved this.
    4) For internal light, might want to use clear plastic roofing materials.
    Again, thanks.

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  13. Avatar


    Just wanted to share a picture of the “Wendy House” (now called Sydney’s House) that I’d recently completed using your free plans. Had to do a few minor adjustments to make up for using all 2×4 lumber, but it went together very smoothly and in about a month and a half of nights and weekends.
    It was a present for my daughter’s 2nd birthday and she’s had a blast through the entire project. Windows are 18″x27″ double hung vinyls for the front and side with a small slider in the back. The home is painted and shingled to match our family home. Her other presents included a kitchen, table and chairs, along with everything else she should need to make this her perfect little home.
    Just wanted to share the picture and say thank you for the plans!
    Chad C. Joplin, Missouri

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  14. Avatar


    I just want to thank you guys so much for the FREE plans to the wendy playhouse.
    My husband and I built this for our two young boys and we are sure that it will last for our grandchildren.
    We added a few things on the way with the color steel roof, spouting and steps Inside the playhouse is a kitchen a tool bench and a couch. We started building in September and finished on the 24th of December.(just in time for Christmas)
    All of our spare time was taken up but in the end it was worth it. THANK YOU SO MUCH.
    Trina and Scott Severinsen

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  15. Avatar


    Christmas present from Granddad.
    Just wanted to show you a photo of the finished product of your Wendy House plan.
    Mr father Dennis Brookes of Summerland Point NSW built the majority of this from scrap materials, even the bright paint was donated by a neighbour who had several left over part tins of different colors.
    As you can see – you can achieve anything if you try – he only had to spend $50 on materials that he could not find as scrap.
    He even added a small cut down kitchen and bench top which my girls love to “cook in”.
    He worked very hard over many weekends to complete it just in time for Christmas last year.
    What a fantastic Christmas present and legacy he left his two grand children.
    Nikola, Summerland Point, NSW

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  16. Avatar


    I was tired of looking at the area under our deck being washed out and nothing would grow under it, so I decided to turn it into a playground for our 2yr old.
    I modified your prints to make it 4 x 6ft with an 2 1/2ft deck and I went with 5ft sidewalls which gives us 6 1/2ft headroom at the peak (so parents don’t have to be slumped over inside). Thank-you for the design idea, we love it and all the neighborhood kids love playing in it.
    This picture is another picture of our daughter and friend enjoying playhouse.
    Tony Fischer

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  17. Avatar


    Hi , we are absolutely thrilled with our house we made from your plans.
    We have made it for our boxer dog so he is one very spoiled doggy.
    We have a split door so we can just leave the bottom half open for our dog. Awesome plans , so easy to follow.
    We would love it if you put our photos on your site. Its so great to look at all the different ways people have done theres and what countries have used your plan.
    Now I’m addicted to your site , and working out what we can make next !
    Many thanks
    Grant and Julie Walker
    Taranaki, New Zealand.

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  18. Avatar


    I started off with the intention of making the Wendy house that you provide plans for, but along the way things developed and I’ve nearly finished building this Dutch-barn style playhouse.
    Though it might not be obvious the basic frame is based on your Wendy and it has plywood cladding as well.
    The deck is the same structure and dimensions as in your original plan but raised using six posts variously bolted and nailed into place.
    The roof has a plywood base covered with roofing felt.
    The shingles are cut from discarded shipping pallets and the apex uses feathered fencing boards.
    I certainly wouldn’t have started this project if I hadn’t had your Wendy plan to get me started.
    Many thanks
    Peter Jump

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  19. Avatar


    here is a few photos of my version of the Wendy House.
    Thanks for plans and inspiration, the kids love playing in it and I enjoyed building it.
    Carsten Sorensen
    Markskellet 80
    7190 Billund

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  20. Avatar


    Thanks for the ideas for the Wendy’s house. I didn’t follow the plans at all. The playhouse ended up being 6 feet by 8 feet, and has a 2 foot deck. Our three kids just love the playhouse.
    Coldstream, B.C. Canada

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  21. Avatar


    Thanks for your plans to build the Wendy house. I changed some things but the plans made it much easier to build. This one has interior/exterior lighting and a/c since we live in Arizona. I finished the interior with bead board and painted hard board. We made the sink from plans from another website. Here is the one I built.
    Thanks again, David

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  22. Avatar


    Hi There
    Attached is a version of the Wendy house. I used your template then changed the scale to an 8X8 house with a wrap around deck.
    My daughter Loves it. Thanks for the help.
    Scott Wells

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  23. Avatar


    I recently found your website and printed the Wendy House plans. I built it entirely with used materials with the exception of the roofing and nails.
    Here is my photo. Looking to paint it as soon as the rain stops here in the Northwest. The siding I used came off a house remodel and was already painted.
    The grandkids will love it. Thanks
    Ron Herbig

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