Downloadable for-kids Plans

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The design includes a trap door entry, a climbing wall, a swing, and there is an allowance for a slide.

This seesaw (teeter-totter) consists of a fulcrum and lever. The lever is a 4x4 beam. The seats surround the beam and can be slid up or down and locked in place.

The Wendy house is an ideal small playhouse for young girls. With a bit of imagination, customized touches can be added to the Wendy house

The unit consists of two independent single beds that can be used separately or joined together on top of one-another to make a set of bunk beds. The beds are 64-1/2" (1641 mm) long by 30" (750 mm) wide,

Plans for a great little bench come picnic table ideal for kids between 3 yrs to 6 yrs. An eating or activity table that folds back to a bench

This compact race car bed is a good size for kids up to the age of 8 or so. It does not take up nearly as much room as a standard single bed