Best Paint For Cabinets

Using cabinet paint to update your kitchen or bathroom is an affordable way to revitalize your home and mix things up without having to pay the extortionate costs required to rip everything out and start again. 

Whether you simply want to change styles, hide blemishes, or give the whole room a new look, you’ll be surprised by just how much a coat of cabinet paint can transform things and provide your cupboards with a much longer lifespan.

However, to get it right you need the best cabinet paints for the job, and not every paint is cut out for the task. On top of that, there are an overwhelming number of brands and paints to choose from, making it difficult to find the best.

Don’t worry though, that’s where we come in. We’ve done the hard part for you and found 5 of the best cabinet paints on the market. We’ve put each one in a list you’ll find in this article. 

To help you pick the best one, we’ve even given you a buyer’s guide to help you decide.

Let’s jump straight in, shall we!

Nuvo Cabinet Paint Kit

Nuvo Driftwood Cabinet Makeover Kit - Easy DIY 7-Piece Set, Light Neutral Grey, Long-Lasting Finish

The first cabinet paint on our list is perfect for anyone looking for everything they need in one purchase. This could be ideal for beginners that want to try their hand at home DIY for example.

Inside the Nuvo cabinet paint kit, you’ll find everything you need to transform and renovate your cabinets. You’ll find 2 tins of paint, 2 rollers, a two-inch angled brush, and roller covers. In terms of the paint, which is clearly the most important thing, the two tins you receive contain 31 oz of Nuvo’s cabinet paint. 

That’s just under 1 liter and more than enough to paint an area up to 100 sq feet in size. In fact, when we reviewed this cabinet, we found that to be more than enough to cover every cabinet in a medium-sized kitchen and the door.

We also found the paint very easy to apply, having no trouble applying a smooth coat in little time. The Nuvo rollers are to thank for that.

Nuvo’s cabinet paint is a water-based acrylic formula designed to bond with laminates and wood. It is self-priming so you get straight to work when you’re ready. Once applied, you can expect the paint to dry in 2 approximately 2 hours. You will then be left with a wonderful satin finish.


  • Everything comes included – You receive 2 rollers, a brush, and two tins of paint with your order.
  • Stylish finish – Your cabinets will be left looking sleek and stylish.
  • Durable – This paint prolongs the life of your cabinets.


  • Poor variety -The lack of colors this paint is available in is a shame.

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Dixie All-In-One Silk Paint

All-in-One Mineral Paint | Dixie Belle Silk | Anchor (16 Fl Oz) | Black All-in-One Water Based Primer + Topcoat | Durable Furniture Paint | Low Reflective Finish

If you don’t have much space to cover and only want to touch up a couple of cabinets, Dixie’s all-in-one silk paint could be a solid choice.

Coming in a much smaller pot that only contains 16 ounces of silk paint, this paint is better suited to smaller projects that require a quick, yet stylish finish. With that in mind, you might choose this paint if you have a smaller kitchen or bathroom, or simply have a small piece of furniture to paint.

A pot of Dixie’s paint offers a beautifully smooth, silk finish in a clean mineral formula that is NO-VOC. This gives you the assurance that the paint is safe to use around children and pets. 

Combined with a topcoat, Dixie’s formula lets you apply a stunning finish to cabinets whilst also having a hassle-free painting experience. The paint is fast drying, soft, and smooth, making your life much easier. 

When we tested the Dixie all-in-one silk paint, we were impressed with its overall quality and gorgeous color options. We were also pleased with how durable the paint becomes when dried.


  • Beautiful finish – This paint is available in some truly beautiful colors.
  • Fast-drying – You’ll be able to use your cabinets again soon enough.
  • Easy application – Applying this paint couldn’t be any easier.


  • Pricey – For the amount you get, this paint is quite expensive.

INSL-X Cabinet Coat

INSL-X CC550109A-01 Cabinet Coat Enamel, Satin Sheen Paint, 1 Gallon, White, 128 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

Next, we have INSL-X’s cabinet coat. Specifically designed to adhere well to wooden surfaces and open wood grains, this paint has been referred to as the ultimate acrylic paint for those seeking a “factory-like” finish in their bathroom and kitchen.

This is great for you if you want to give your kitchen cabinets and bathroom a new life without having to replace them.

Aside from giving cabinets a smooth, durable finish and plenty of color, one of INSL-X’s cabinet coat paints biggest draws is its versatility. Once your cabinets have been painted, you can use any leftover paint to cover shelves and furniture. 

A type of urethane-acrylic formula that falls into the hybrid category, each gallon of this cabinet paint is capable of covering up to 450 sq feet. As a result, you should have no problem painting your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. 

Requiring no priming and super adhesion to hard-to-paint surfaces, INSL-X’s cabinet coat will provide your cabinets with a durable finish, making them resistant to stains, chipping, grease, and scuffing.

If you want a stylish yet durable finish, make sure you check INSL-X out!


  • Adheres brilliantly – This cabinet paint is specially designed to adhere to wood.
  • Wide range of colors available – You can find INSL-X’s paint in a huge array of colors.
  • Impressive coverage – One gallon of the paint covers up to 450 sq feet.


  • Can leave roller marks – This paint isn’t as easy to apply with a roller as others.

Also available at:

The One Paint + Primer

THE ONE Paint & Primer: Most Durable Furniture Paint, Cabinet Paint, Front Door Paint, Wall Paint, Bathroom, Kitchen - Fast Drying Craft Paint Interior & Exterior (Light Grey, Satin, 1 Liter)

Available in 12 different colors, the next cabinet paint on our list should be right at the very top of yours if you need a paint with great color and even better coverage. 

Saving you time and money, there are a lot of great things to say about the One paint + primer, but the best has to be its paint and prime design.

Thanks to the paint’s strong, thick 2-in-1 formula, you don’t need to work as hard to paint a large area. Whether it be covering wooden cabinets, crown molding, laminate cabinets, or even metal, stone, and concrete surfaces, the One paint will have you covered.

In regards to what you can expect from the formula, you’ll first be pleased to hear that the paint is completely free of any toxins, odors, and harmful chemicals. The paint is a water-based formula that can be applied with peace of mind. It is worth noting though that it does contain ultra-low VOC.

When it came to finishes, we were thrilled with the options available. Aside from 12 different colors, this paint is available in satin, matte, and glossy finishes.


  • Little prepwork required – All you need to do is clean your cabinets first.
  • Wide range of colors – There are 12 different colors to choose from.
  • Stunning finishes – Beautiful gloss, matte, and satin finishes are on offer.


  • Pricey – For the size of each pot, this paint is quite expensive.

Beyond Paint All-In-One Furniture Paint

Beyond Paint Furniture, Cabinets and More All-in-one Refinishing Paint Gallon, No Stripping, Sanding or Priming Needed, Soft Gray (BP23)

The final cabinet paint on our list is the all-in-one furniture paint from Beyond Paint. This option is a good choice for anyone who needs paint that does a lot more than enhance the appearance of kitchen and bathroom cabinets. 

If you plan on painting more than just your cupboards, take a look at this paint. Available in a small range of different colors, all of which provide surfaces with a sleek appearance and durability, this paint is designed to suit most surfaces.

Whether it be a laminate kitchen cabinet or an old piece of wooden furniture, this Beyond Paint does it all, making it the perfect paint for all home decor scenarios.

As if that wasn’t already enough, there is no need for stripping, sanding, or priming with this paint, making the application super quick and hassle-free. All you need to do before applying the paint is wipe your cabinets to ensure they’re nice and clean.

When we used this paint, we found it very easy to use and loved the finish it provides our cabinets with. With just two coats of paint, we were able to give our cabinets a new life. We also appreciate how the paint made our cabinets more durable and resistant to chipping.


  • Versatile – You can use this paint all around the house.
  • Available in an array of colors – Finding your color isn’t difficult.
  • Easy application – Simply wipe your cabinets down and get to work.


  • Expensive – This cabinet paint is very expensive.

Also available at:

Buyer’s Guide

When making a final decision in relation to picking the best cabinet paint for your projects, it is important to take a number of key factors into consideration.

By not taking a number of key things into consideration, you could quite easily rush into a decision and choose a paint that isn’t cut out for the job.

To avoid this situation, we’ve put together this small buyer’s guide for you. In this buyer’s guide, you’ll find all the key things you need to think about in order to make the best decision possible.

Think about the following points carefully if you want a pain-free shopping experience.


By far one of, if not, the most important things to think about when looking for cabinet paint is the paint’s coverage. A paint’s coverage is important because it gives you an indication as to how many coats it takes to finish painting the cabinets.

Paint with poor coverage might require 3 coats to complete the job. Obviously, this will take longer and potentially lead to you needing to buy more paint.

On top of that, you won’t be able to use your kitchen again until the painting has been finished, therefore, your kitchen could be out of action for 3 days.

With this in mind, we recommend choosing cabinet paint that has good coverage. This paint will quickly coat your cabinets and require fewer coats, giving you access to your cupboards again in no time.

The Amount Of Paint You Need

You have to work out how much paint you need to use before purchasing a cabinet paint. If you don’t, you could easily end up with too much paint which will cost you much more than was necessary.

Alternatively, you might not have enough paint, resulting in your project stopping halfway through while you try and buy more. 

If you are successful in buying the right amount of paint, you should easily be able to finish your painting and still have a small amount of paint left at the end. 

It is worth remembering that you may need to coat your cabinets more than once too so ensure you buy enough paint to cover every cupboard at least twice. The best way to find the right amount of paint is to carefully read the product description of each paint to find out the area it can cover.


Paints come in a wide range of different colors and finishes so you need to make sure you find the right one for you. The final choice in relation to color is very important because if you get it wrong, you could end up with a brand new kitchen that you hate the color of.

Bearing this in mind, it might be a good idea to buy a few samples of different paints. You can then apply a small amount of each paint to your cabinets and see which one you like best. Once that’s been done, you can then purchase the amount of paint you need to cover every cabinet.

Not only will this help you find a color you can be pleased with, but you’ll also stop yourself wasting money on paints you don’t like. 


No matter what you’re buying, you always need to take your budget into account. Calculating your budget before looking on the market for paint is a sure-fire way to guarantee you don’t spend money you don’t have. It is also a good way to save time when searching for the right paint.

If you don’t work your budget out, you won’t only spend more money than you have, but you’ll also waste an incredible amount of time looking at options that are well out of your budget.

By knowing your budget, you can head straight to the options you know you can afford, wasting no time when looking for the most suitable paint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Oil-Based Cabinet Paints The Best?

Despite having a strong reputation and making a good case for themselves thanks to their easy application and long-lasting qualities, oil-based cabinet paints aren’t usually considered to be the best the market offers.

Instead, latex-based cabinet paints are widely regarded as the best. This is because they offer similar qualities, lower levels of VOCs, and quicker drying times. 

Are There Any Differences Between Cabinet Paint And Regular Paint?

On a whole, there aren’t too many differences between cabinet and regular paint. The main difference between the two is their drying time and final texture. 

Cabinet paints tend to dry quicker and leave the painted surface with a more consistent finish, Regular paints typically take longer to dry and offer a more traditional brush-marked finish. 

Which Type Of Paint Has The Hardest Finish?

If you’re looking for a cabinet paint that offers the hardest finish, you should consider enamel paint. Enamel paints are known for being incredibly durable and tough. This makes them capable of withstanding general wear-and-tear, grease, water, and any knocks. 

Final Thoughts

That concludes our list of the best cabinet paints the market currently has to offer. Updating your kitchen and bathroom can be a daunting task, particularly when you take costs into consideration. 

Luckily, using a high-quality cabinet paint provides us with a quick and more importantly affordable way to enhance the overall appearance and durability of our cabinets without having to pay extortionate prices to replace the whole lot.

The only problem people have when deciding to use cabinet paint instead is finding the best one. That’s why, in this article, we have taken you through five of the best, looking at what they offer and any pros and cons. 

While the paints on our list may differ in terms of color, style, and what they offer, they are all certain to give your cabinets a new and improved look and unparalleled durability. 

All that’s left to do is to find the cabinet paint that suits your project best. You can do this by taking a closer look at our list with the buyer’s guide at hand. This should help you narrow the list down and finally identify the best paint for you.

Good luck!


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