The Best Router Table Plates – [Reviews et Buyer’s Guide]

When you are really into woodworking, you would know that the router table plate plays a very huge role in your router table. If the case may be that you need a new insert plate, I would recommend buying the best product so you can make a one-time purchase.

In this article, you would find the best craftsman router table plate we have reviewed. We have listed the best products as a result of extensive research online and in-store. Below are some of the products you should get if you want to purchase the best insert plates.

  1. Best Aluminum Plate: Woodpeckers AI690890 Router Mounting Plate
  2. Best for Bosch Routers: Bosch 2610938414 Adapter Plate
  3. Best for Triton Routers: KREG Molded Router Table Insert Plate Blank
  4. Best with insert: Rousseau 3509 Deluxe Router Base Plate
  5. Best for Sawstop: WUYASTA Aluminum Router Table Insert Plate
  6. Best with Height adjustment: Kreg Precision Router Table Insert Plate w/Level-Loc Rings
  7. Best for Trim Routers: POWERTEC 71381 Universal Router Base Plate
  8. Best for Table Saw: AXABING Router Table Insert Plate

🔎Buyer’s Guide – What to Consider when Purchasing a Router Table Plate

When you initially buy your wood router, it can be an amazing moment for you. You can now handle all those jobs that you have been procrastinating about as well as the stuff that is taking up your garage space. Regardless of how a routing device is the first payment you are going to make.

We know that cost plays a key role in decision-making but you also need to purchase everything that would aid you in operating the routing device the safest way possible. That is why professionals always advise users to invest in a routing table as well as a routing table insert plate.

In this summary, we are going to look at factors to consider when planning to buy the best-rated wood router insert plate which would give you a good idea of what will be best for you.

By going through reputable companies and different products from different countries, you would get an impression of what goes in line with the value for money thereby giving you an amazing deal. When you buy in most online shops, you would have an opportunity to save more money than when you get from a local in-store.


Routing table plates are meant to help make wood routing a safer adventure. When purchasing a router insert plate, consider getting one that would greatly improve the safety of the device. While the router insert plate itself is not the concern, the router is the main target. We have stated below safety guides you would go through to ensure your device is stable:

– Avoid putting your project on the workpiece first before turning on the router.
– Make sure your router is in perfect condition before use.
– Make sure the bits are carefully installed and are in great condition.
– Avoid keeping your fingers close to the but or the routing device.
– Make sure you wear eye and ear protection.
– Do not put on any jewelry or loose clothing during use.
– Do not leave your device setup unattended.
– Make sure you unplug your device whenever you want to check anything or change the bits.

➡️Work Type

When it comes to both professionals and novices, the two parties use router table plates to help them maintain more control and an increased level of safety when they are using the routing device. Rather than spending a ton of money to ensure your project is on a level with your router table, the router plate goes right in giving users the ability to work with so much ease. They come in various sizes and they are perfect for a number of projects.


When searching for a router plate, you need to look into the features or consider which features you need to handle your project. The features of every insert plate may vary according to production. Most plates can be made out of aluminum while others are made for high-pressure plastic. To choose the best plates, go for one which can take heavy routers while also featuring snap-out rings for different sized openings.

It is also convenient if your product has a shoulder pin so that it can enable simpler handwork such as molding, styles, and miters. The most important feature is that your table plate should be on the same level as your table, this prevents the workpiece from sliding hence it should be able to lock into place with a wrench preferably an Allen wrench.


Router table plates need little or no maintenance at all. Although as one unit, your full router package should be in perfect condition.

Try as much as possible to:

– Keep your table, routing device and the table plate free of debris, dirt, and dust.
– To clear up any sawdust, make use of a shop vacuum.
– Ensure there are no impediments around the table
– Make sure all the parts function well.
– The router plate needs to be replaced if it is warped, broken or chipped.


When getting a router plate table, it is important you check the efficiency of your product. Table plates help users handle woodworking jobs with increased precision, accuracy, and comfort. These components not only level your product with the table but they remove the need to purchase a lifting device that may cost more. The plates also make the removal and installation of your routing device much easier.


When searching for a router table plate, one factor you must always look into is the cost and budget for a quality product. To minimize expenditures, determine the features you want to go for. You can take the costliest product thinking it’s the best out there not knowing it wouldn’t even suit your project application.


Woodpeckers AI690890 Router Mounting Plate

Best Aluminum Plate
  • For Porter Cable 690/890, 7529, 8529, Makita 1101, Bosch 1617, 1618, and DeWalt 618 and 616 Routers
  • Made from cast, precision machined aluminum
  • Three TwistLOCK rings and a locking wrench included with every plate

This product from woodpeckers is made from a strong accuracy cut machined aluminum which makes it one of the toughest router table plates you can purchase. To improve durability, the company used an anodized finish to enhance the product giving it a very smooth surface. The product also features about 8 fine-pitch, top-accessible leaking set screws which provides easy and exact leveling to your project as you work.

A pair of adjustable edge plungers are made available in the product to help users remove any slope between the plate and the opening. When it comes to cost, even though this mounting plate from woodpeckers is a bit costly, it is still a durable product that serves a variety of users. When users use the AI690890 there is no movement between the plate and router giving your work surface a smooth and nice feel/texture.

  • Made up of durable cast aluminum
  • Holes are pre-drilled for more convenience
  • Flat, smooth surface
  • No slop between the plate and the router
  • Comes with 8 fine-pitch screws for leveling easily
  • A bit pricey
Overall impression
This product comes pre-drilled to accommodate most routers such as the Triton model. It has a flat but nice and smooth surface which is designed to make your work easier.

Where to buy


Bosch 2610938414 Adapter Plate

Best for Bosch Routers
  • Fits various Bosch Parts models
  • Diameter Inside Lip 3-5/8 Inches
  • Diameter Top of Plate 3-7/8 Inches

We don’t really know much about this product, but what we do know is that it is an O.E.M authorized replacement part that fits directly into the bosch router table specifically the RA1171 model. It is made out of aluminum and the reason actually chose this product amongst the best router plates is that it is adjustable with the most common router tables which are found in the market and it can hold the heaviest of routers without sagging.

It has multiple holes in which users can also try to fit most router types apart from the bosch routers. It also has marks inscribed on it so users can measure them out before cutting their projects.

  • Comes with predrilled holes
  • Easy to set up
  • Fits all bosch router models and table types
  • Gives users a smooth surface for easy routing
  • You need to polish this product before you start using it
Overall Impression
The Bosch 2610938414 is a classic table insert that perfectly fits bosch router tables and routers. There are also countless pre-drilled holes so it can for other types of the model too. I recommend this product.

Where to buy


KREG Molded Router Table Insert Plate Blank

Best for Triton Routers
  • Level-Loc Reducing Rings
  • Measures 9-1/4″ x 11-3/4″ (235mm x 298mm)
  • 3/8″ thick (9. 5mm) phenolic insert plate

If you are using a router made by Triton, you may know that these devices have a lot of torque so therefore you need very quality and durable plate. Featuring a solid, flat surface to meet your criteria, the Kreg Precision is just the tool for you. It is made out of phenols and it is ⅜” thick, perfect for providing a surface where any router can make precise and accurate cuts. In short, it can take heavy torque that comes from your routing kit.

This product has three level-loc reducing rings. It also has a ring wrench which helps lock in place with the surface of the plate. This allows you to change the opening surrounding the bit. One feature we love about this product is that it comes with predrilled holes. You should not be bothered if you are using a Triton router. The predrilled holes can also fit some other routers with little or minor tweaking for the mounting hole.

  • Doesn’t sag due to its phenolic make
  • Comprehensive precision product
  • Undrilled and predrilled holes for various routers
  • Three level-loc rings
  • You need to purchase plate levelers separately
Overall Impression
This Table plate from Kreg is produced from quality-made compression-molded phenolic material which gives users an even ground that doesn’t sag or bend. It is so easy to put up and mount on most routers.

Where to buy


Rousseau 3509 Deluxe Router Base Plate

Best with Insert
  • Thermoset Phenolic Plate
  • 9″ X 12″ X 3/8″ Thick
  • Fits Router bits up to 3-7/8″

The Rousseau 3509 can be amongst your top insert plate due to the fact that it is versatile in use; you can use it in the heaviest router or as a freehand tool. For more convenience, this high-quality plate gives its users removable insert rings to fit bits of different sizes. With this product, users can get a set of separate rings that they can use with separate bit diameters. When set on the tabletop, these rings make a 4-inch opening that is exactly fits with the base plate. Besides, you would find three more openings with different sizes which gives users the impression of versatility with precision.

When it comes to free-hand routing, the tool comes with a shoulder pin that stands at 1-inch tall for supplementary safety. It also comes with an all-around snugger to fit perfectly if not exactly in line with the plate. These corner snugglers clamp down the table and hold down the plate in position.

  • Has four corner snugglers
  • There are sizes of insert rings
  • Good leveling system
  • Made out of phenol
  • It is risky and may cause injury during installation
Overall Impression
The 3509 has four corners that keep the device mounted evenly on the routing table. It also features a handy shoulder pin that can be positioned in any of the five spots for a simple freehand job.

Where to buy


Aluminum Router Table Insert Plate the Trim Panel for Woodworking Benches

Best for Sawstop
  • Aluminum alloy plate, plastic rings
  • Hole Distance: 62 x 70mm
  • Make accurately drilling and mounting any router easy

This 3rd generation multifunctional woodworking trimming table insert or panel is a DIY hand carving tool that is made out of an aluminum alloy and it is not easy to rust. Due to the fact that it is made of aluminum, it also tends to last longer than most table inserts. It is also very easy to use as well as set up. This woodworking trimming board comes with simple step to step instructions on how to install your accessories and how to accurately drill the required holes.

With this aluminum router table insert, users are guaranteed high efficiency. It saves labor by expanding the use of the machine. It has a convenience center hole which is used to align the router planer and the center hole. This simply means that this product makes work easy and as smooth as possible. The Wuyasta aluminum insert plate has multi-functional inserts that come with rings for creating your personal woodworking workbench for increased precision in woodworking.

  • Resistant to rust
  • Affordable
  • Comes with step-to-step directions for easy setup
  • Easy to install
  • You still need to drill some holes to fit a full-sized router
Overall Impression
This product is designed with a convenient center while bushing which is perfect for setting your routing device properly. It also includes four round inserts with holes that vary in size from 7- 30 mm for fitting different bits.

Where to buy


Kreg Precision Router Table Insert Plate w/Level-Loc Rings

Best with Height Adjustment
  • Level-Loc Reducing Rings
  • Measures 9-1/4″ x 11-3/4″ (235mm x 298mm)
  • 3/8″ thick (9. 5mm) phenolic insert plate

This Kreg product is made up of a compressed phenolic material that makes the product firm even in extreme work conditions and heaviest of routers. This product won’t sag any matter the type of routing device used on it. This table plate is ⅜” in thickness and it is designed to give users a unique but perfectly leveled work surface for your routing device. If it would fit almost any router no matter the size and the weight. It comes without any pre-drilled holes therefore users have to make theirs fit the table as well as the router. Alignment marks are described on the underside making it easy for users to mount and center their routers.

This molded table plate is designed with the company’s level-lock reducing rings which allow users to change the size of the opening around the router bits. These rings simply just twist in place using a carry-come ring wrench to flush and level the surface.

  • Has three level-loc rings
  • Made out of phenolic material
  • Sturdy and stable for heavy routers
  • Comes as an undrilled version for any router
  • You need to buy plate levelers separately
Overall Impression
The Kreg Molded Router table insert is perfect for various types of routers. It comes with I drilled holes meaning that you can actually drill holes to for any router of your choice. I do recommend it.

Where to buy


POWERTEC 71381 Universal Router Base Plate

Best for Trim Routers
  • Designed with multiple predrilled hole patterns
  • Dimensions: 5-3/4″ Dia (146mm) – 1/4″ Thick (6. 36mm) plate
  • Work seamlessly with most trim routers

Power tech is a manufacturer of high-quality woodworking accessories, machinery, and a variety of assorted OEM replacement parts. This particular base plate and screw product come with multiple pre-drilled holes which can take most of today’s simple but light-operated routing device which can be found in the market. Most professionals recommend each woodworker to have a product like this because it is very versatile in use as well as freehand.

This base plate is made out of hardened acrylic which measures about ¼” thick and it is transparent offering exceptional visibility and a durable build. Due to the fact that it is made out of plastic, it is advisable for users to use it just for trimming. It comes with a lot of pre-drilled holes that can fit various routing products. To see the most compatible devices, you can visit their website to get the full details about it.

  • Made out of hardened acrylic material
  • Comes with multiple predrilled holes
  • Made by a reputable company
  • Doesn’t come with a guide bushing to fit it
oVERALL Impression
I believe that this Powertec product is a convenient tool that is used to provide a stable but flat surface to mount your router on. It is made entirely out of plastic so we advise you use it only for simple trimming purposes. You can get the list of compatible products that this table plate can fit into by visiting their website.

Where to buy


AXABING Router Table Insert Plate

Best for Table Saw
  • Screw hole distance: 56*54*44MM
  • Make accurately drilling and mounting most router easy
  • Applicable models: Dongcheng, Ao Ben, Rui Qi, Boda, Wicks trimming machine

This router plate from Axabing is made out of red aluminum alloy which gives it longer life and makes it not rust easily. This product is suitable for high-precision woodworking. There is a convenient center hole bushing that helps users align the device so that it can be placed perfectly on the drill hole.

The Axabing table insert saves time and effort and it is very easy to operate expanding the use of the trimming machine. This router table insert can be used in general electric routers. Users can try to refer to the sizes and compare them on the product page so they can properly choose the type they want.

  • Comes in different sizes
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Comes with a convenient center-hole for easy alignment
  • Needs to be sanded to slide wood over easily
Overall Impression
This router insert plate from Axabing is an okay product. It is used in heavy woodworking applications and the precision is very impressive. It is made of cast iron so you need to sand the surface to lessen friction with the wood project.

Where to buy


While looking for the best router plate, you may come across products that would meet your needs. To get a product that fits your table and your device correctly, consider going through the strengths and weaknesses. We hope this article has helped you choose your product while also throwing some light on router table inserts.


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