The Best Garage Shelving

Whether you use your garage as a workshop, gym, or storage space, it is somewhere we tend to go to get stuff done. However, it can be extremely difficult to get anything done in a cluttered, disorganized space.

Despite being an important space in our homes, it’s surprisingly easy to leave our garage in disarray.

Not only does this make it hard to work safely and effectively in our garages, but it also wastes a lot of valuable space.

Luckily for us, there are plenty of solutions. One of the best solutions is garage shelving. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, we can use garage shelving to keep things tidy and organized.

This then gives us an easier space to work in. We can find things quickly, work safely, and move around freely.

Today, we’re going to show you the best garage shelving the market has to offer. We’ll review each option and tell you the most important things you have to consider.

Let’s get started!

Our Top 3

We’ll kick start this list of garage shelving with a heavy-duty option that won’t let you down.

Arguably the best overall garage shelving solution, the DeWalt industrial storage rack is extremely strong, sturdy, and reliable.

This is a shelving unit that can be mounted on the wall or floor. This gives you versatility when it comes to finding space for the unit in your garage.

When it comes to holding your tools etc, DeWalt has ensured you have enough space to store everything.

The unit comes with three shelves and a total capacity of 4,500 lbs. This should be more than enough.

To ensure the shelves hold weight effectively, DeWalt has made them using powder-coated steel. This makes the shelves super durable and reliable.

As if that wasn’t enough, the shelves are also fully adjustable and come with 5 support straps. We appreciated the inclusion of these straps because they prevent twisting under heavy loads.

In terms of size, each shelf measures 44.25 x 17.5 inches.

  • Adjustable – Adjust the shelves to meet your needs.
  • Solid – This shelf was designed with heavy, industrial loads in mind.
  • Fairly priced – This shelving unit is well worth the money.
  • Complicated build – This unit isn’t that easy to put together.

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Another fantastic heavy-duty option is the Gladiator 48” wide heavy-duty rack. Coming from a brand with the name Gladiator tells you everything you need to know about this shelving unit.

Just like the name would suggest, this shelf unit is solid, large, and strong. Despite its size, this unit is surprisingly easy to assemble.

Each part of the unit fits together perfectly, making it super secure. Of course, this then makes the shelves capable of holding more weight too.

This shelving unit might be overkill for storing decorations and sports equipment, but it’s absolutely perfect for those of you that use your garage as a workshop.

We were most impressed with this shelf unit’s size. Each shelf is 60 inches wide, 72 inches high, and 18 inches deep.

On top of that, each shelf can hold 2,000 lbs of weight. When we tested the shelves, we found that the heavy-duty steel construction gave the shelf structural integrity and impressive support.

What’s not to like?

  • Super sturdy – This shelf unit is exceptionally strong and sturdy.
  • No sagging – The center support brackets stop the shelves from sagging.
  • Impressive capacity – Each shelf can hold up to 2,000 lbs.
  • Pricey – This unit is quite expensive.

Also Available At

The next garage shelving on our list might not be everyone’s first choice, but if you need a budget-friendly storage solution that gets the job done, it could be ideal.

One of the most affordable garage storage units on the market, this AmazonBasics shelving unit can be used to store a wide range of workshop essentials.

This might include tools, paints, garden equipment, and so on.

You might even wish to use this shelving unit to store other items you keep in your garage, for example, camping gear. This could then give you more space to work in.

Despite the low price tag, we were pleased with how durable and sturdy this shelving unit is.

Made from alloy steel, metal, and plastic, the unit is made to last. It features 4 adjustable wire shelves, all of which can hold 350 lbs.

It might not have an impressive capacity like some of the other units on our list, but you’ll find that it lives up to expectations. You don’t need to worry about the shelves sagging or the unit wobbling.

  • Budget-friendly – This shelving unit is one of the most affordable on the market.
  • Versatile – The unit can be used to hold a wide range of different possessions and tools.
  • Space saving – This unit isn’t as big as others.
  • Small weight capacity – This shelf unit only has a capacity of 1,400 lbs.

Next up, we have the 2x4ft garage shelving from Fleximounts. As far as reliable shelving goes, Fleximounts is one of the best brands in the industry.

The brand is known for producing reliable, versatile, strong, and durable shelving units that look great and perform even better.

This Fleximounts shelving unit is no different.

Unlike the other units on our list so far, this unit is solely wall-mounted shelving.

Aside from the solid alloy steel design, one of the best things about this unit is how out of the way it is. Putting the unit on the wall ensures that your floor space is open and clutter-free.

Relatively easy to install, this unit is suitable for 12”, 16”, or 25” spacing of wall studs. The unit can be easily installed on a concrete wall.

To ensure the shelves offer high-quality performance, they have been made using heavy gauge powder-coated steel. Equipped with two shelves, the total capacity of this unit is 44 lbs.

This should be more than enough to store most of your basic tools and equipment.

  • Great design – The shelves integrated grid design offer more stability.
  • Easy to assemble – This design also makes assembly much easier.
  • Out of the way – The wall-mounted shelves leave your floor space clear.
  • Lack of shelves – This unit only comes with two shelves.

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If you like what Fleximounts has to offer, you’ll love this next-shelf unit.

More often than not, we leave the space above our workbenches free. This is actually a huge waste because that space can be used to stash more gear and tools.

This Fleximount ceiling storage unit helps us make the most of the wasted space perfectly.

Dropping down from the ceiling, this shelving unit doesn’t take up any floor space at all. Instead, everything is kept near the ceiling on one long storage shelf.

This dropdown shelving unit measures 96 inches long, 48 inches wide, and up to 40 inches high. The unit’s height can actually be adjusted depending on the size of your space.

Thanks to the shelf’s solid wire mesh design and the heavy-duty steel construction, we can store up to 600 lbs worth of tools, gear, and equipment on the shelf.

You may find the initial setup of this shelf a challenge but once that’s done, accessing your tools, etc is incredibly easy.

We personally love how flexible this unit is. Being able to adjust the rack is a great bonus.

  • Takes up no floor space – This unit hangs from the ceiling.
  • Spacious – This unit has plenty of space you can fill.
  • Adjustable – Adjust the height of the shelf to suit your needs and requirements.
  • Low weight capacity – This unit’s weight capacity is a little low.

The next garage shelving on our list is the EcoStorage rolling steel wire shelving unit from Trinity. If you’re looking for a taller rack with more storage space, this option could be perfect.

This monster rack is almost 6 and a half feet tall. It can hold a whopping 4,800 lbs of weight too. As if that wasn’t enough, it comes complete with 6 durable shelves.

This steel shelving unit also comes with a set of 4 wheels. These wheels can be used to move the shelving unit around your garage.

Whilst this is a great touch, you won’t be able to use the shelf’s total weight limit. You don’t want to move it around when it’s carrying its total capacity.

If you have no need for the wheels, don’t panic, the wheels don’t have to be put on the unit. Instead, you can leave the unit flat-footed. This will make the unit more stable.

As a side note, the total capacity with wheels is just 800 lbs.

  • 6 shelves included – This unit comes with 6 shelves giving you loads of storage space.
  • Large weight limit – This shelf unit can hold up to 4,800 lbs.
  • Easy to move – You can easily move this unit thanks to the wheels.
  • Weight capacity drops with wheels – Using the wheels drops the total weight capacity down to 800 lbs.

Also Available At

This next storage rack from Muscle Rack is a great option if you’re looking for shelving that is quick and easy to assemble, strong, and reliable.

There’s nothing particularly special or exciting about this unit but it gets the job done and sometimes that’s exactly what we need.

The unit features a floor mount design, 5 shelves, post connectors for easy assembly, and a capacity of 3,200 lbs.

In our opinion, this unit is absolutely perfect. We can store all our workshop essentials easily and without any drama.

The shelves themselves are press-board shelves. They can be effortlessly adjusted and come with double-riveted beams and braces. This helps make the shelves more stable.

When we reviewed this shelving unit, we found that it was a good unit to store large storage boxes on. The shelves can be separated enough to easily fit large containers and toolkits.

We also massively appreciated how the assembly process required no nuts or bolts.

This makes things so much easier.

  • Great value for money – This shelving unit is budget-friendly.
  • Wood chipboard shelves – Using wood chipboard shelves makes it easier for you to slide things on and off the shelves.
  • Adjustable – The Muscle Rack shelving unit can be adjusted to fit your needs and requirements.
  • Chipboard bought separately – The wooden chipboard has to be bought separately.

Another brilliant budget-friendly garage shelving solution is the Knect-A-Shelf unit from Gracious Living.

Just because this unit is affordable doesn’t mean we lose any quality. In fact, from what we’ve seen, this unit easily competes with some of the more expensive options on this list.

As far as lightweight design goes, this unit wins easily. The shelving has a superlight weight design that only weighs 22.8 lbs per piece.

Despite this lightweight design, each shelf can hold 150 lbs. This gives the unit a total weight capacity of 750 lbs across 5 shelves.

That’s not all though, as this unit also features a neat Knect design which makes it possible to connect the unit to another. This is great if you plan on making a shelving wall.

The shelf is also available in a range of different sizes.

When it comes to construction, the Knect-A-Shelf unit is durable and sturdy. It is made from polyethylene and features a glossy finish.

Overall, this storage unit is right up there with the very best.

  • Lightweight – Each piece of this unit only weighs 22.8 lbs.
  • Budget-friendly – The Knect-A-Shelf is available at a great price.
  • Connectable – This unit can be connected to another shelving unit.
  • Not as durable – This shelving isn’t as durable as others on our list.

Also Available At

When it comes to versatility and exceptional performance, the Rhino Combo Universal Garage Storage Kit is pretty hard to beat.

If you’re looking for a wonderfully simple, yet extremely effective shelving solution, look no further than this option.

Available in sizes that range between 8 to 16 feet, this shelving unit consists of simple, but solid shelves that feature brackets made out of aerospace aluminum.

Using aluminum brackets ensures the shelving stays durable without becoming heavy. This helps keep the unit nice and lightweight.

The shelves are 48 inches wide and 20 inches deep. They are also mounted on the wall, leaving your floor space clutter-free.

Aside from being a great place to store workshop tools and equipment, this unit can also be used to store general things like sports equipment and camping gear.

One great thing we love about this shelving is that you can hook things to the underside of each shelf.

This gives us even more storage space.

  • Strong design – This unit has a durable metal design.
  • Easy to install – The Rhino garage storage kit can be installed by one person.
  • Available in multiple sizes – This unit can be bought in sizes that range from 8 to 16 feet.
  • No lumber included – The only downside to this unit is that it doesn’t come with the lumber needed to finish the job.

Also Available At

If you only have a small garage and space is at a premium, consider purchasing the Fleximounts Universal Steel Workbench.

This workbench is an amazing storage and workbench solution that takes up little space, whilst still providing you with everything you need.

This workbench features a neat design that consists of a workbench and storage shelves. With your purchase, you are given all the hardware needed to build your dream workbench.

Weighing just 23 lbs, the workbench comes with 4 storage shelves and a workbench that can be up to 8 feet long and 4 feet wide.

Impressively, each shelf can hold up to 1,000 lbs. This is more than enough to hold all the tools you use most.

What you’ll also love about this workbench and garage storage solution is how customizable it is.

You are in complete control of the color and size of the unit. To ensure this unit lasts the test of time, it is made from heavy-duty steel.

  • 2-in-1 – This shelving is a workbench and storage unit.
  • Space saving – This Fleximounts unit will help you save space in your garage.
  • Customizable – Build the unit to your needs and requirements.
  • Not the strongest – Some reviewers have reported that this unit isn’t the strongest they’ve used.

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The next garage shelving on our list is slightly different. Rather than being a traditional shelf used to sit things on, this unit is a rack with hooks instead.

Mounted to the wall, this storage solution is a fantastic option for anyone that wants quick and easy access to their tools.

It might not be the best option for those of you that need to store toolkits, but if you have individual tools it could be ideal.

You could use the racks to store all your gardening tools, work boots, brooms, extension cords, shovels, and even chairs.

Providing superb organization, this rack is made of high-quality steel that features a powdered finish. This makes the rack extremely durable and sturdy. Each rack is capable of holding 300 lbs worth of weight.

Each rack has 4 rubber-coated hooks and 2 J hooks. We were pleased to see that the hooks are rubber coated as this offers more protection against damage.

This shelving is also very easy to install so what’s not to like?

  • Very affordable – The rack is available at a wonderful price.
  • Versatile – You can hang almost anything from the hooks.
  • Durable – The rack was made to last.
  • Not suitable for toolkits – This rack doesn’t have any space for toolkits.

Also Available At

The Seville Classics 5-tier shelving is one of the most versatile shelving units on the market.

Made from steel wire, this unit can be used in a garage, kitchen, shed, office, and warehouse. It comes available in a wide range of sizes.

Having a wide range of sizes to choose from is extremely beneficial as it gives us more chances to find the size that suits the layout and space we have in our garage.

Lightweight enough to assemble on your own, but still super sturdy, this wire shelving unit can hold almost anything you want.

The shelving consists of 5 shelves and depending on the size you choose can hold up to 4,000 lbs.

A solid choice for a large garage would be the shelves that are 36 inches wide, and 18 inches deep.

This unit has a height of 72 inches. This unit does come with wheels but we don’t recommend using them. When the wheels are used each shelf’s capacity drops by 300 lbs to 500 lbs.

  • Heavy-duty – This shelving unit means business.
  • Simple, yet effective – This simple shelving unit can hold up to 4,000 lbs worth of weight.
  • Adjustable – Each shelf can be adjusted.
  • Dropped capacity with wheels – Using the wheels drops shelf capacity by 300 lbs.

Also Available At

The next garage shelving we have for you is the Torack 97-piece garage storage organizer.

This option is another unit that isn’t like your typical shelf. Instead, it is a wall-mounted organizer that consists of different hooks and storage containers.

Again, this type of storage unit might not be the best for you if you have toolkits, etc, but if you have smaller pieces of individual tools and equipment that need organizing it’s perfect.

This storage system has 97 different pieces. That means you can store an astonishing amount of tools. The system even comes with four buckets that can be used to store nails, bolts, screws, etc.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll love how good this unit looks when it’s full. There’s something incredibly satisfying about being able to keep everything neat and tidy.

Made from stainless steel, this unique pegboard system can be used to store wrenches, screwdrivers, sockets, drills, drill bits, and so on. One neat touch is how thick this pegboard is.

Thanks to its extra thickness, you don’t need to worry about your wall behind the board.

  • Unique – If you’re looking for something more unique, this is it!
  • Affordable – This storage system is actually very well-priced.
  • Spacious – The Torack garage organizer has plenty of space for all your tools.
  • No space for toolkits – This rack doesn’t have any space for toolkits or larger tools.

Also Available At

If you’re keen to keep all your power tools and power tool accessories organized, there really is no better shelving unit than the Amoowis power tool organizer.

Made from alloy steel, this shelving unit offers everything you need to neatly organize your power tools without taking up too much space in your garage.

The shelving unit has a thickened frame, drill holders, pliers and hammer hangers, screwdriver holders, and two simple, yet durable shelves.

In terms of design, this shelving unit has a floating design. This not only looks good but it makes life much easier for you when it comes to grabbing what you need quickly.

You could easily hang your drills from the hanging shelf and keep the batteries safe on the shelf above.

To ensure long-lasting performance, this shelf has been sprayed with a high-temperature matte spray and has a polished finish. This prevents rust and makes the shelving scratch-resistant.

We found this shelving to be very easy to install which is always nice.

  • Budget-friendly – This shelving unit is easily one of the most affordable units on the market.
  • Easy to assemble – You can easily assemble this shelf on your own.
  • Durable – This unit has a solid design that was made to last.
  • Limited shelf space – This unit doesn’t have loads of shelf space.

Also Available At

The final garage shelving solution on this list is the XCSOURCE drill charging station. This is another simple, yet effective shelving unit that helps you store your power tools.

Compared to the power tool shelving unit above, this unit has fewer hangers and less storage space.

This unit is also made out of high-quality wood instead. Whilst this unit might not sound as good as the one above, it has one thing the Amoowis shelving unit doesn’t have and that’s a power source.

Powered by solar power, this awesome feature lets you charge your power tools whilst keeping them organized.

This helps you reduce clutter in the garage because you no longer need to leave tools around on charge.

Suitable for 110V electric drills, this unit has 5 hanging slots and 2 shelves. Hung on a wall, you’ll be pleased to hear that this unit is cordless too. Oh, and assembly is straightforward too.

We don’t know about you, but this garage shelving sounds awesome!

  • Features a built-in charger – You can charge your tools whilst storing them.
  • Solar powered – The charger built into this unit is powered by solar energy.
  • Good size – This unit doesn’t take up too much space but has plenty of room for your drills.
  • Power cord not included – You have to buy the power cord separately.

Buyer’s Guide

Now you know more about the types of garage shelving the market has to offer, you can start thinking about which shelving you want to buy.

Unfortunately, this isn’t as simple as picking the shelving you like the most.

There is a wide range of important factors that you need to take into consideration first. If you don’t, you could quite easily make a decision you later regret.

To help you make the best decision, we’ve put together a detailed buyer’s guide.

In this buyer’s guide, you’ll find the most important things you need to take into account. Take each point we make onboard if you want to make the right decision.

Construction Material

One of the most important factors you need to consider is what the garage shelving is made out of. Garage shelving is made out of a wide range of materials, some of which are better than others.

It doesn’t necessarily matter what the shelving you choose is made out of as long as it is durable, high-quality, sturdy, and resistant to various conditions.

Most garage shelving units are made out of wood, metal and wire, or plastic.

We’ve outlined what you can expect from each type of material below:

Wooden Shelving

Wooden shelving units are durable, sturdy, and attractive. Of course, this type of shelving is also sustainable.

Hardwoods like oak are capable of holding heavy loads whilst softwoods like plywood are better suited to lighter tools.

Freestanding wooden shelves are also quite easy to move. More often than not, wall-mounted wooden shelves are easy to assemble too.

Plastic Shelving

Plastic shelving units are durable too. However, they aren’t usually as durable as wooden or metal shelving. Having said that, they are much more lightweight. Plastic shelves can be stored indoors or outdoors.

They are perfect for storing smaller tools and household items. Their modular design normally gives you the freedom to adjust this type of shelving too.

Metal And Wire Shelving

As far as heavy loads are concerned, metal and wire shelves are the best. Metal and wire shelves can easily hold heavy tools, toolkits, and large pieces of equipment without bending, scratching, or falling over.

This type of shelving usually has the largest weight capacity.

Metal shelves also have properties that make them much easier to clean.

The surface of the shelves won’t absorb any paint or chemicals. They are normally coated with a powdered coat to prevent rust or damage too.

Most metal shelves are made from steel.

The Type Of Shelf

Arguably the most important decision you have to make is the type of shelf you need and want. By this, we refer to how the shelf is mounted.

The type of shelf you need will depend on how much space you have and the layout of your garage.

There are three types of shelves to choose from. These are wall-mounted shelves, freestanding units, and ceiling-mounted shelves.

You might choose a ceiling-mounted shelf if you have limited floor space or a freestanding unit if you have a large garage.

Either way, you have to make sure you pick the type of shelf that suits your needs. We’ve given you a rundown of each shelf below.

Wall-Mounted Shelves

Wall-mounted shelves keep your floor space clear. They are attached to the wall using studs and metal brackets. The wooden, metal, or plastic shelf then fits onto the brackets.

This type of shelf is usually very durable, sturdy, and strong. Their best feature has to be the fact they are kept out of the way.

Freestanding Units

Since they aren’t attached to any surface, freestanding shelf units offer the most movability and flexibility. They are also much easier to access.

However, as good as this type of shelving can be, it also takes up more floor space than other types of shelving.

This shouldn’t be a problem if you have a large garage, but those with smaller garages might struggle.

This type of shelving is normally made out of metal, wood, or both.

Ceiling-Mounted Shelves

Ceiling-mounted shelves are arguably the best when it comes to making the most of the wasted space in your garage. They are hung from the ceiling of a garage using ceiling joists and adjustable metal brackets.

They are a solid option if you want to keep your equipment out of the way. However, they are the hardest to access.

You will need a ladder to reach your equipment. Ceiling-mounted shelves can usually hold up to 600 lbs of weight.

Shelf Dimensions

There’s no point in buying a shelving unit if it doesn’t have the space you need. Garage shelving units come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. Luckily for us, most units are adjustable.

In fact, we highly recommend buying an adjustable shelving unit. Owning an adjustable shelving unit gives you more options. It also increases the chances of the shelving meeting all your needs and requirements.

Another useful thing to look for when it comes to shelf dimensions is whether or not the shelving has a modular design.

Shelving units with a modular design can be set up how you like. They might even come with connector clips that you can use to create a custom storage area.

Easy Shelf Assembly

You’ll be pleased to hear that most garage shelving solutions are easy to assemble. However, some are easier than others. If easy assembly is a big part of your decision, you need to think about things carefully.

Generally speaking, ceiling-mounted shelving is much harder to assemble than freestanding shelving or wall-mounted shelving units.

You might also need more than one person to assemble a ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted unit.

If you’re looking for the easiest shelf to assemble, a freestanding shelving unit is probably your best choice.

These units can be assembled without any nuts and bolts. They can usually be assembled by one person too.

Total Weight Capacity

The total weight capacity of the shelving you choose is also crucial.

If you have a wide range of heavy-duty tools you need to store on your shelving, you have to pick out a shelving unit that is capable of holding more weight.

You also have to be careful that you don’t fall into the trap of thinking each shelf can hold a certain weight.

If a product description says the shelves can hold 1,000 lbs of weight, be aware that the figure represents the whole unit.

That would mean that each shelf on a 4-tier unit can hold 250 lbs. For those of you that have lots to store, consider buying a shelf with multiple shelves and a higher weight capacity.

On the other hand, if you don’t have much to store, you can choose a shelf with a lower weight capacity.

Total weight capacities can range from 600 to 5,000 lbs.

Anchors Or Wheels?

Finally, if you plan on buying a freestanding garage shelving unit, you need to decide if you want a unit with wheels or anchors.

Personally, we recommend going with anchors. Shelving with anchors can be anchored to the floor. This makes them more sturdy and reliable.

Whilst shelving with wheels can be moved easier, the total weight capacity drops massively, reducing the number of tools, etc you can place on the shelves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Strongest Garage Shelving Material?

The strongest material garage shelving is made out of is metal. This doesn’t mean other materials aren’t still worthy contenders, it just means that metal performs the best when it comes to overall strength.

As a result of metals’ overall strength, the sturdiest shelving units on the market are all made from steel.

They also have the highest weight capacity. There are even shelving units out there that have shelves that can hold 1,500 to 2,000 lbs.

Is Wire Shelving A Good Choice For Garage Shelving?

Yes, absolutely, wire shelving is one of the best choices you can make when choosing garage shelving. Wire shelving offers impressive stability and unparalleled strength.

This type of shelving is also perfectly capable of holding heavy tools and equipment.

Finally, wire shelving is also resistant to chemicals and paints. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the shelves getting damaged in the event of a spillage.

Some wire shelves come equipped with wheels for easier mobility, but we recommend sticking to shelving without wheels as the shelves can hold more.

Should You Use Garage Shelving With Wheels?

If you buy a freestanding garage shelving unit, there’s a very good chance that it will come with wheels. Of course, it is up to you whether you use those wheels or not.

Assembling your shelving with wheels will make the unit easier to move around, which of course is a great bonus, however, it will also reduce the unit’s overall weight limit.

You could see shelves with a weight limit of 800 lbs drop to 500 lbs. Across a 4-tier unit, that’s a loss of 1,200 lbs.

As a result, we personally wouldn’t use wheels with our garage shelving. We prefer to maximize the storage space we have.

What Can You Store On Garage Shelving?

When it comes to what you can store on garage shelving, the opportunities are virtually endless. You can store a wide range of workshop tools, toolkits, camping accessories, sports equipment, and so much more.

What Can’t You Store On Garage Shelving?

Garages don’t have a temperature that is as easy to control as the rest of your home.

Therefore, the things we can’t store on garage shelving include important documents, clothes, food, and some hazardous materials.

Although we can’t store hazardous materials, don’t be afraid to keep things like paint in your garage.

Is Boltless Shelving Good?

Yes, boltless shelving is a good choice. In fact, despite the wide range of great options available, most people now consider boltless shelving to be their top choice.

This is because boltless shelving is usually much more affordable, lightweight, sturdy, and easier to assemble.

If these are all things that matter to you when looking for garage shelving, we strongly recommend looking for some boltless shelving.

Final Thoughts

No matter what you use your garage for, you can only make the most of your space if you keep things organized.

Whilst this may seem like a painstaking process, by simply owning the right shelving, you can easily keep on top of things. Besides, there’s something very satisfying about an organized garage.

In this article, we’ve shown you 15 of the very best garage shelving solutions.

It doesn’t matter if you need to store your power tools, gardening tools, camping gear, or smaller workshop essentials, there’s an option on our list for everyone.

We’ve even made the decision-making process easier for you by giving you a detailed buyer’s guide.

All you have to do now is narrow the list down and decide which shelving unit is best for you. If you use our buyer’s guide for help, this should be easy.


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