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Free plans

A good selection of BuildEazy's own woodworking and project free-plans. Buildeazy free plans range from planters to sheds and beyond. Projects for all skills.

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$5 Buy plans

Some of the buildeazy free-plans also have a $5 downloadable version, print friendly and ad free. The way to go if you're serious about doing a project.

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Free VS. Buy

Buildeazy free-plans versus buildeazy buy-plans. Some of the BuildEazy free-plans sport a $5 buy-plan version. What is the difference between the two.

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featured woodworking workbench project
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featured planter-box project
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TARDIS roof light

Latest free plan

TARDIS roof lamp. The final chapter in the Dr Who TARDIS project. How to make the light for the roof using a fresnel lens. The TARDIS is very similar to an English Police Call Box.

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wood framed glass-walled greenhouse

Recent free plan

How to build a lean-to glasshouse. This is a wooden framed stand-alone lean-to glass-walled greenhouse. Most lean-to glasshouses are attached to another building. This one is not.

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bench seat to picnic table

Weeks best $5 seller

1 piece folding bench to picnic table, plans & instructions - use it as a picnic table with seats along each side or fold it back into a comfortable bench seat. Made solely out of 2x4 lumber.

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Coming soon

Basic seesaw. This is the second of a pair and is the most basic of the two. It is a plank on a fulcrum (center stand). Handles are screwed to each end of the plank. Easy to make and lots of fun.

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How to build a red English telephone booth

Iconic structure

An iconic structure - How to build a red English telephone booth. This is the K2 model and is a listed structure in England. It is a very good copy of the real deal. Heaps of plans, drawings, and photos.

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Your photos

Ventured into a BuildEazy project lately? We'd love to see a photo of your handiwork and maybe even a note or two to go with it. User photos and comments are a great help to others contemplating the start of a project.

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Latest postings from the Blog

Raised play fort

Raised play fort

This raised play fort has a climb wall, a swing, and an allowance for a slide. The entry is through a trapdoor in the floor via a ladder, or
a door in the climb wall. Pretty much everything an outside kid wants.
Good detailed plans with step-by-step instructions. Made my first one back in 2004.

Folding picnic table by Randall

Folding picnic table by Randall

Randall sent in a few photos of his painted folding bench and picnic tables.×4-user-randall.php
Must have been pretty fast work as that particular version (without the arms) was only posted online a week back…

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