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Free plans

A good selection of BuildEazy's own woodworking and project free-plans. Buildeazy free plans range from planters to sheds and beyond. Projects for all skills.

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$5 Buy plans

Some of the buildeazy free-plans also have a $5 downloadable version, print friendly and ad free. The way to go if you're serious about doing a project.

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Free VS. Buy

Buildeazy free-plans versus buildeazy buy-plans. Some of the BuildEazy free-plans sport a $5 buy-plan version. What is the difference between the two.

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folding picnic table made out of 4x2 lumber

Latest free plan

Folding picnic table DIY - version 2. This folding picnic table is built solely out of 2x4 lumber. It can fold down to a single bench seat. It is 60" (1524mm) long by 47-1/4" (1200mm) wide in picnic table mode.

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wood framed glass-walled greenhouse

Recent free plan

How to build a lean-to glasshouse. This is a wooden framed stand-alone lean-to glass-walled greenhouse. Most lean-to glasshouses are attached to another building. This one is not.

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bench seat to picnic table

Weeks best $5 seller

1 piece folding bench to picnic table, plans & instructions - use it as a picnic table with seats along each side or fold it back into a comfortable bench seat. The best of both worlds as far as tables and seats go.

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Coming soon

Basic seesaw. This is the second of a pair and is the most basic of the two. It is a plank on a fulcrum (center stand). Handles are screwed to each end of the plank. Easy to make and lots of fun.

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buildeazy TARDIS free plans

Iconic structure

An iconic structure - The Doctors' TARDIS. This is a copy of the original Metropolitan Police Call-box that the Doctors' TARDIS was based on. It is not a prop but rather a very solid structure.

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Your photos

Ventured into a BuildEazy project lately? We'd love to see a photo of your handiwork and maybe even a note or two to go with it. User photos and comments are a great help to others contemplating the start of a project.

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Latest postings from the Blog

One-piece folding picnic table - version 2

One-piece folding picnic table - version 2

Picnic table folds to single bench seat.
Made solely out of 2×4 lumber, this is a more simplified version than my others.
This model also has an optional ‘clip-on’ piece that adds to the height of the backrest when the unit is in bench mode.
In picnic table mode the overall footprint (area it takes up on the ground) is 60” (1524mm) long by 47-1/4” (1200mm) wide.

Wooden king seat

Wooden king seat

User photo of a Buildeazy project – wooden king seat.
This one sent in by Micheal who said…
Wasn’t that bad…

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