6 Best Router Table Fence – [Reviews & Guide 2022]

Router table fence is a utility product put to use by woodworkers globally for their various applications. You can use it to set a stock piece for precision, control router bits’ performance, and for several woodworking operations like sawing, milling, carving, and more.

These nifty tools are usually made from aluminum – it has various properties like resistance to rust, durability, high-quality performance, and light-weight.

Today, we will review various router table fences that professional woodworkers widely utilize because of several advantages. Most router fences include additional utility features like a dust collection port, micro-adjustment knobs, side-mounts with precision scale, and T-track sliding.

However, if you are confused about your ideal tool, don’t forget to check out the buying guide and our top picks.

🔎Router Table Fence: Buyers Guide

What is a router table fence?

Experienced woodworkers or not, we know that routing tables are required for furnishing various types of cuts, carvings and joints when working with stock. Router tables are the backbone for routers, templates, and bits. Similarly, a router table fence is a woodworking tool in which a bit is partially emerging from the fence cavity or router table.
The router table fence helps maintain a shape on the working stock and aids in making precise cuts. Setting up a router fence is a complex task:

  • The woodworker needs to measure a suitable height for the bit.
  • Align the fence as per the bit’s centerline.
  • Fine-tune the fence as per the workplace and output requirements.
  • Lastly, clamp the fence against the bit and on the router table.

A router table fence consists of various parts:

  • Medium-density fiberboard
  • Bit guard
  • Feather board
  • Miter gauge
  • Push block
  • Locking knobs

How do you operate a router table fence?

When you are feeding stock to the rotating bit, always feed the job against the bit’s rotation. In case the bit is rotating in an anti-clock direction, feed the job from right to left side.
If you feed the work aligning with the bit’s rotation, it will push the stock away and ruin the job. You can make wide grooves by moving the fence forward and backward as per requirements and instructions. Sounds easy, right?

What is the need for a router table fence?

A router table fence is an alternative to template guides – the latter is used alongside routers and router guides to remove material and shape stock for the final product.
A router table fence finds application when a template guide is not available or when you desire output of similar or higher quality along with the convenience factor. A fence improves the flexibility with which you can carve various profiles via a single bit or more bits – it also eliminates a bearing guide’s need.
Some advantages of using a router table fence are:

  • A router fence is used to reposition workpieces that increase profile cutting possibilities.
  • There are various types of router fences, constructed from different materials and for varying purposes – they can handle different sizes of panels.
  • You can make various cuts using router fences and the right bit like mortise, tenons, dadoes, and grooves.
  • Router table fences consist of alignment tools, scales, and micro-adjust that improve precision and overall output quality.

What to look for in a router table fence?


Compatibility is always an important feature when it comes to selecting woodworking accessories, especially a router fence. You wouldn’t want an incompatible product, would you? Ensure that the router fence is compatible with the router you regularly utilize, the router table in your working space, and the types of router bits you need.


Sure, a router fence is made in varying constructs, like heavy-duty aluminum, extrusion aluminum, ferrous-cast fence material, magnetic fence or some other material. The construct is crucial because it determines the tool’s shelf-life, and it determines the compatibility with the type of router table. An example could be that a magnetic fence works well with ferrous-cast or steel router tables; however, it may not be the best choice for a DIY wood routing table. The construct and design also determine the tool’s weight and ease of transport.

⚙️Additional Features

There are multiple additional features you should consider when selecting a router table fence:

  • Dust port: Most of the router fences contain dust collection ports attached directly to the part from where wooden shavings or dust is generated. This is an important feature as it collects wood shavings and keeps the workspace clean.
  • Miter gauge & T-slot: These additions enable an accurate setting with the fence for a precise cut.
  • Bit guard: The bit guard holds the routing bit in place and presents a partially exposed surface for the workpiece.
  • Feather board: The feather board is used as a safety device to keep the wooden workpiece in place while operating with routing bits.
  • Side Mounts: Most router fences have side mounts with appropriate knobs to fix the fence to the router table; however, the magnetic fence and other similar router fences lack side mounts.

These points can help you establish the selection criteria needed for choosing a suitable router table fence.


Kreg PRS1015 Router Table Fence

Editor’s Choice
  • The fence adjusts easily with just one hand
  • T-square style self-squaring carriage
  • From 3/4″ to 1 1/2″ (19-38mm) thick

Kreg Tool Company has been active for more than 30 years, primarily dealing in tools and setups for cutting, clamping, routing, and hardware parts for woodworking. The company developed Kreg PRS1015 to ease functions in woodworking.

Construct & Design

PRS1015 router table fence is constructed from anodized aluminum, giving the tool its rugged look and durability. The fence is equipped with dual locks – a large paddle lock on the infeed side and a quarter-turn lock on the outfeed side; this helps adjust the fence in place with the router. It is structured in a T-square saw-style system, enabling parallel adjustment with the miter-gauge slot.


The product includes a measuring system with an adjustable measuring scale. What does this mean for you? You can comfortably create your desired setup with various router bits without losing precision. The micro-adjustment imbibed in the system enables precise measurements with different router table systems ranging from 3/4″ to 1 1/2″ thickness.

  • The product features jointing rods and user-friendly lock systems that make adjustments with even one hand look like a cakewalk
  • The smooth independent sliding fences support adjustment with router bits and ensure chip collection into the fence’s dust port
  • A micro-adjustment precision system prevents reworking and assures output quality
  • Works well with various routers and router tables
  • The anodized-aluminum construct extends the tool’s shelf life and robustness
  • Some users claim that adjusting the fence was tricky due to short bolts on the fence’s adjuster head
  • You may have to buy additional tools or hardware to work with the fence

Where to buy


Taytools 300015 Deluxe 32 Inches

Value for Money
  • Fence faces are made from smooth melamine coated MDF
  • Made from 3/8 inch thick precision straight extruded anodized aluminum
  • Has a Dust port with 2-1/2 inch OD and 2-1/4 inch ID opening

Taylor Toolworks, an American tools company, manufactures Taytools 300015. They also manufacture carving tools, measuring tools, hunting knives, woodworking supplies and miscellaneous hardware supplies.

Construct & Design

Taytools 300015 router fence is fabricated from extruded anodized aluminum that is resistant to various temperature changes. The fence faces feature an accurately squared medium-density fiberboard with a smooth melamine coating. Hard plastics are used to design the rear-mounted threaded knobs – they enable comfortable adjustment of the faces with the rest of the tool body and router table.


The product works well with various routers, router tables and accommodates router bits via T tops on the top and front. It includes a bit guard, feather board and adjustable stop with a spacing range from 18 to 22 inches. The setup also features a dust port with 2-1/2 inch outer diameter and 2-1/4 inch inner diameter, enabling the hassle-free collection of shavings.

  • The anodized aluminum construct and melamine coated MDF ensure robustness and quality standard
  • Features a wide spacing range – for the 32″ fence, the range is 18-1/2″ to 22-1/4
  • Comes equipped with a bit guard that enables precise adjustment with router bits desired cuts
  • The feather board equipped with the fence is utilized to apply pressure against a workpiece, essential for a stationary router
  • Various users call it a value-for-money product
  • You may have to purchase additional working bolts from external sources if the fence doesn’t accept 5/16″ t-bolts
  • Some users claim that the fence faces were not appropriately chipped or not in alignment with router tables

Where to buy


JessEm 4010 Master Fence II

Dust-Proof Effectiveness
  • Heavy duty aluminum extruded fence frame
  • Fully adjustable fence faces with quick locking knobs
  • 1/32″ and 1/16″ shimming/offset bars standard

The manufacturing company, Jessem Tool Company, is based in Orillia, Ontario, Canada. The company develops and markets dedicated woodworking tools and accessories.

Construct & Design

JessEm 4010 is constructed from heavy-duty aluminum, making it the ideal tool for woodworking on varying router tables and different wood grades. The fence is also equipped with quick locking knobs enabling convenient locking of the fence to the table. JessEm 4010 features an effective dust chute that collects wood shavings and keeps the workplace free of dust.


The product features side-mounted fences with scales as working aid – is this beneficial for the average woodworker? Yes, the side-mounted fences enable precise adjustment on the table without affecting the overall setup. The fence is practical for doing stiles and rails.

  • The heavy-duty aluminum design and sturdy fence material ensure a long shelf-life for the product
  • Fence works with a decent range of routers and router tables
  • In-built dust collection duct prevents a messy workplace
  • Features side-mounted fences with fine measuring scales for accurate setups
  • Various positive reviews back the product’s effectiveness
  • Various users complain about the fence sliding mechanism and incompatible clamping nuts
  • The purchase doesn’t include instructions

Where to buy


JET 737001 32″x24″ Fence Assembly

Noted for Precision
  • Easy-to-read guide rails
  • Adjustable fence surface allows for maximum support of the work piece
  • The integrated dust port collects dust at the source of the cut

Jet 737001 fence is manufactured by Jet Tools, a subsidiary of JPW Industries. The company has been in business for more than 50 years; they manufacture several types of products that see use in woodwork, metalwork, lifting systems, and air tools.

Construct & Design

The fence assembly is made from highly durable metal alloys coated with a matte black layer. Apart from that, guide rails present with the fence ease the task of cutting an accurate profile. Jet 737001 features an inbuilt dust collection port to collect dust at the source and ensuring a clean workspace.


When it comes to versatility, this fence assembly comes with various additions to produce high-quality output and saves working time. The fence features an adjustable fence surface – an additional measuring scale, present with the setup, which you can utilize for precision and comfortable work.

  • Jet 737001 is a JPW Industries product, a reputed company in the tool-making business for 5 decades
  • The fence provides exclusive support for Jet router table
  • The integrated scale in the fence and the adjustable fence surface provide an effective setup before designing various woodworking products
  • Jet 737001 is helpful for various types of woodworking operations like jig work, shaping, sawing, and more
  • The fence is equipped with a router bit safety guard, preventing unconventional cuts
  • The fence may not be universal and might not work for different brands of routers or router tables
  • Jet 737001 lacks accessible consumer testimonials on selling platforms

Where to buy


Carter Magfence II V2 Universal Magnetic Fence

Innovative Design
  • Attaches magnetically for universal fit on most ferrous metal tables
  • 16″ long, 3-1/2″ tall L-shaped aluminum extrusion with multiple T-slots
  • Easily removed to use with multiple equipment

Carter Magfence II V2 is manufactured by Carter Products, a US company that also develops and markets turning tools, hardware accessories, woodworking tools, and high-end manufacturing technology. The company has been active for over 90 years.

Construct & Design

The product features an L-shape design – 16 inches long and 3-1/2 inches tall; it is constructed from extrusion aluminum and consists of two switchable magnets. Carter Magfence II V2 attaches magnetically to ferrous metal tables and supports precision work.


The fence design is exclusive for steel tables, cast-iron tables, and tables with tools with a ferrous metal surface. It directly attaches to such tables and is therefore not equipped with side mounts or attachment fixtures. Carter Magfence II V2 can be transferred easily from one place to other and utilized alongside various equipment.

  • You can use the magnetic fence with a drill press, spindle sander, bandsaw and various other tools
  • It is useful for creating jigsaw cuts, carpentry work, sawing, and more
  • The fence doesn’t include any side mounts or attachment fixtures, making it easy to transport from one workspace to another. This also avoids the hassle of fixing the fence to a router table which can be pretty frustrating
  • Consists of two magnets with Magwitch technology; this helps change the fence’s position for a precise adjustment
  • Fence is constructed out of highly durable aluminum, boosting its shelf life
  • The fence might not be compatible with non-magnetic router tables because of a lack of side mounts
  • You may have to tune the fence for a precise 90-degree angle, although it may affect the magnetic function, as reported by some users

Where to buy


Peachtree Woodworking PW3319 32″ Deluxe Router Table Fence

Budget Pick
  • 2 MDF fence plates supported by solid aluminum “L” fence
  • Accommodates router bits up to 3 1/2″ in diameter
  • Built in t-track

The router table fence – PW3319 is manufactured by Peachtree Woodworking Supply Inc., the company is based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and produces various woodworking components, tools, and accessories.

Construct & Design

Peachtree PW3319 deluxe router table fence is another reliable woodworking tool made with heavy-grade aluminum. It consists of 2 medium-density fiberboards – the L-shaped aluminum body supports the fiberboards. The tool presents a sliding t-track allowing comfortable routing operations.


Peachtree PW3319 can accommodate routers up to 3 1/2 inches in diameter. This enables a wide variety of operations for cutting, carving, designing and milling with the fence. The tool also presents a dust collection duct which will ensure a mess-free workspace and comfortable operation.

  • Features tall adjustment knobs enabling a quick locking system and operation
  • The 2 medium-density fiberboards present on the fence ensure precision work and durability
  • A dust collection duct improves the quality of work by collecting generated dust from the source
  • Users reported high-shelf life because of the sturdy aluminum built
  • Positive user reviews back the product’s effectiveness
  • Some users reported that the adjustable tablet slots were short; this affects the fence’s compatibility with certain router tables
  • Some users report compromised quality of the fence design

Where to buy

Comparison Table

Product NameSize of TableMaterial
Kreg PRS101532″Aluminum, Plastic
Taytools 30001532″Anodized Aluminum, MDF
JessEm 401032″x24″Aluminum, MDF
JET 73700132″x24″
Carter Magfence IINearly any sizeAluminum
Peachtree Woodworking PW331932″Aluminum, MDF

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a router fence necessary?

A router fence may not be necessary if you are using a template guide or a router guide; however, a router fence is an ideal alternative to the template. It helps follow through lengthy operations and provides more safety than using a template.

What are the advantages of a router fence?

With a router fence, you can establish various profiles on your workpiece because of the tool’s versatility – you can move it forward or backward depending on how wide a cut you want to make. A router fence is useful for creating dadoes, tenons, grooves, mortise, and saw cuts.

Will I need to buy a separate router or router table if my router fence is not compatible with my setup?

Firstly, establish some selection criteria for yourself – consider a router guide after ensuring that it has all the necessary additions and is compatible with your router table, router and other woodworking setups. However, if you already own a router fence that is incompatible with your setup, consider switching the fence instead of the entire setup or make modifications.


What have we established till now? Yes, router table fences are essential building blocks of quality woodworking operations – they are convenient for various techniques, improve compatibility with tools, and help create precise, high-quality output.
In this review, we have gone through various router fence brands noted for exclusive properties and aiding in woodworking – To make things easier, we have highlighted our top picks.
Regardless of your choice, please ensure that you pick a tool that will make your woodworking tasks comfortable and improve your output quality.


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