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Kid's DIY Section
young wood workers
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helpful stuff

This is where you can find lots of helpful stuff regarding tools, wood, hardware, safety and measurements, as well as building tips and ideas.

a bit about nails and bolts
This section explains a bit about the nails or bolts most likely to be used in projects within this website. It also explains the differences in terms used by different countries.

a bit about wood
This section gives a bit of helpful information about the wood you might use when undertaking a buildeazy project.

a bit about safety
It's a great idea to get into good safety practices at an early age. And this isn't just for safety; using tools properly can also make the work easier and give your project a much more professional look.

a bit about measurements and dimensions
A bit to help you understand the dimensions used in various projects. All the projects in the 'DIY for Kids' section have both a metric (mm) and imperial (ft and ins) version.

handy tips
Handy tips will be added to this section from time to time.

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