Bathroom do-over

Bathroom Do-Over

Introduction, getting started Introduction The bathroom/laundry downstairs was in dire need of a do-over. The floor area was 8ft x 8 1/2ft (2400mm x 2550mm). It contained a sink, washing ...

Shower Installation

Shower Cabin

Replacing an old shower with new How to - Time involved So... You want to replace your old shower with a new one but don't know what tradesman to get, how long it will take. This article will ...

Paving Stone Path

Paved Stone Path

In this tutorial we explain how to lay a paving block path. For added style and ease we have replaced traditional paving stone concrete edging with 100x100 (4x4) treated lumber. This method of ...

Building a Police Box

Tardis Police Box

Introduction The London police box was a little shed type structure used mainly as a communications base for patrolling police officers prior to the age of mobile telecommunications. ...

How to make a Wall Frame


Wall Framing Page one 1. Identifying the members Wall Framing, excepting headers, is usually of 100x50 (2x4) stock, for perimeter or bearing walls. Internal non-load bearing walls can be ...

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