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How to build a dollhouse

How to build a dollhouse

Preface How it started "Granddad, could you please make me a dollhouse for my birthday?"That's where it all started.I had made dollhouses before for my kids, but that was some thirty years ...

How to make an elf cave

hobit 300x280

Preface I first co-authored this project with my daughter Roseanne in 2004-2005. It was one of five projects we were commissioned to do for a book called 'DIY for kids - book two'. That book ...

Build a kids table and bench


Preface These plans and instructions were authored by request from a young lady who was about to embark on her first ever woodworking project. The young ladies name is Rose and she wanted to make ...

How to make stilts


Introduction Stilts are simple to make and a lot of fun! These stilts have adjustable foot rests and can be used by kids aged from around 8 years to adults. They are a great tool to ...

How to make a Rope Swing

How to make a Rope Swing

The supporting branch or beam Introduction This is more or less your traditional basic rope swing, which might be seen hanging from the branch of a suitable tree in many a yard.In our case, ...

How to make a scooter

photo scooter sean

Simply Measure, Cut, Drill & Assemble! This scooter is an example of how something mechanical can be made just by using standard materials that can be purchased from most building supply ...

Kids bbq table

photo kids picnic dusseldorf2

Below are the plans, instructions & cutting list for each piece of timber neededto construct the kids bbq picnic table. This is a smaller copy of the full-size table picnic here. Ft and inch ...

How to build a Wendy House

userphoto wendy dan 720

Introduction The Wendy House  A Wendy house is basically a playhouse with a few feminine touches added. With a little imagination, customized touches can be added to your Wendy house ...

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