Best Hole Saw Kit – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Hole saw kits are usually ideal for a specific purpose, like routing electrical wires, sawing through metal, cutting through construction material, or general woodworking. Hole saw sizes and cutting capability can vary quite a bit depending on their intended use.

We have done extensive testing of different kits and put together these reviews to help you figure out which will be best for your projects. Our buyer’s guide will help you choose the ideal set for anything from DIY home improvement to professional construction.

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SUNGATOR Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit

Best Overall Hole Saw Kits – 1

This kit from SUNGATOR, a professional-grade tool brand owned by Milton Industries, is our favorite for its versatility. The blades are sharp and strong enough to cut through wood, drywall, and metal, making it an excellent option for general use.

The hole saws are made entirely out of thick steel, and they feel like they will last through years of regular use.

It comes with 10 different hole saws ranging from ¾” to 2½” and mandrels to match the smaller and larger saws. It’s suitable for electrical or plumbing work as well as woodworking projects and other home improvement applications.

It comes in a plastic carrying case for storage and easy transportation, and even the case feels durable.

The quality of the tools and the value for the price make this our top choice.

  • Sharp enough to cut through most woods and thin metal
  • Made of very durable steel
  • Includes 10 different saws
  • Suitable for electrical, plumbing, and general use
  • Includes a plastic carrying case
  • Includes a plastic carrying case
  • The largest holesaw is just 2.5”

Diablo DHS14SGP 14-Piece Hole Saw Set

Best Overall Hole Saw Kits – 2

Diablo is well-known in the woodworking industry for their reliable blades, and these hole saws live up to the company’s excellent reputation.

The blades are sharp enough to cut through wood, plastic, drywall, and some softer metals like aluminum or tin. However, they do struggle to get through harder metal.

The kit includes 10 hole saws ranging from ⅞” to 2-9/16”, so you can use them for most hole saw applications. They have a very large cutting depth, so you can get deeper cuts done in fewer passes.

There is only one mandrel included, but it fits all hole saws with the included adaptor. The mandrel has a fast-release, which makes switching hole saw cups a breeze.

Our favorite part about these saws is the open design on the sides, which allow you to remove the circular cutout quickly and effortlessly.

The hole saws feel durable, as does the included carrying case. We’re confident they will both last for quite a long time.

  • Sharp enough to cut through wood, plastic, and thin metal
  • Includes 10 hole saws of varying diameters
  • The saws have a large cutting depth for thick materials
  • Features a quick-release mechanism
  • Allows for easy cutoff removal
  • The saws and carrying case are durable
  • There is only one mandrel included
  • Relatively expensive

Milwaukee 49-22-4025 13-Piece Hole Saw Kit

Best Overall Hole Saw Kits – 3

Milwaukee specializes in contractor-grade tools, so you can be sure these hole saws will perform reliably.

The kit includes nine hole saws between ¾” and 2½”, so they’re suitable for a wide range of jobs. It also comes with two adaptable arbors that make changing out hole saws relatively straightforward.

The steel feels durable and of good quality. However, the metal is not ice-hardened, so it won’t stand up to as much abuse as some other kits.

The saws are sharp and allow you to make smooth, easy cuts with few binds.

It includes a very sturdy carrying case made out of hard plastic, which we’re sure will last through years of transporting and use.

  • Includes 9 hole saws
  • Comes with arbor adaptors for easy blade changes
  • They are made of quality materials
  • Sharp saws allow for clean cuts
  • Includes a sturdy carrying case
  • Metal is not ice hardened
  • The largest saw is only 2.5” in diameter

SUNGATOR Hole Saw Kit 5-Piece Set

Best Hole Saw Kit for Fiberglass

This kit from SUNGATOR is smaller and less capable than many others, but it’s very affordable and meant for lighter-duty use.

It includes four hole saws ranging from 1¼” to 2⅛”, so it’s excellent for cutting mid-size holes.

SUNGATOR made the blades out of heat-treated steel. They’re durable enough for cutting through softer materials like fiberglass, PVC, and softwoods, but they will struggle to get through metal or hardwoods.

The saws are sharp and cut very smoothly, so you’ll need to put in very minimal effort to get through your workpiece.

The kit comes with an interchangeable arbor for swapping out hole saw cups, but it doesn’t have a quick release and will take a bit longer to change than some other kits.

We wish it included a carrying case, but it’s still an excellent value for the price without one.

  • Provide rapid cutting for softwoods
  • Includes 4 different saw sizes
  • Includes an arbor for changing blades easily
  • Very affordable
  • Only meant for light-duty use
  • The largest holesaw is only 2 ⅛” in diameter
  • They struggle to get through hardwood and metal
  • Doesn’t include a quick-release mechanism
  • Doesn’t include a carrying case

TACKLIFE Diamond Drill Bits 10-Piece Set

Best Hole Saw Kit for Glass

TACKLIFE predominantly makes mid-grade tools for homeowners, so it’s no surprise that these hole saws are best suited for home improvement.

The hole saw blades are coated with diamond, so they’re ideal for cutting through glass, marble, ceramic, and other hard, common household materials.

They cut slowly through glass and leave a smooth edge. We recommend you use water on the material to prevent cracking or overheating.

The kit includes 10 different hole saw cups from 6mm up to 50mm. The size range is relatively small, but most glass and stone applications won’t need larger holes. The saws don’t use pilot bits, so there’s no need to swap out arbors or mandrels when changing sizes.

They’re made out of carbon steel and feel very durable, so you can expect these to last through many home projects.

The kit is very affordable, but it doesn’t include a carrying case. You’ll need to purchase one separately or find a safe place to store your hole saws.

  • Ideal for cutting through glass, marble, and ceramic
  • Leave a smooth cutting edge on glass
  • Includes 10 saws up to 50mm in diameter
  • No need to swap arbors
  • They feel very durable
  • Very affordable
  • Not suitable for wood
  • Limited diameters
  • Doesn’t include a carrying case

EONLION Hole Saw Kit ¾ Inches-5 Inches Set

Best Hole Saw Kits for Wood – 1

EONLION manufactures tools for home improvement, and this kit is ideal for lighter-duty work around the house.

It includes a wide range of hole saw cups from ¾” all the way up to 5”, so you can use this kit for just about any size hole you want to cut. It’s ideal for DIYers and those looking to carry out general projects around the house.

EONLION made these saws out of durable, heat-treated steel. They can cut through softer materials like softwoods, drywall, PVC, or plastic, but they aren’t suitable for hardwoods or metal.

The saws are sharp and have a high number of teeth per inch, so you can cut quickly through your workpiece and expect the edges to be clean.

The kit comes in a plastic case that makes storage convenient, and it’s a hard plastic that feels durable.

  • Includes saws up to 5” in diameter
  • They cut quickly through softwoods
  • Includes a plastic carrying case
  • Very affordable
  • Not suitable for hardwood or metal
  • Not as durable as many other options


Best Hole Saw Kits for Wood – 2

This hole saw kit from TACKLIFE comes with 13 different cups between ¾” and 6”. It has one of the largest hole saw sizes available, making it ideal for woodworking projects and home improvement.

The cups have a cutting depth of 25mm, which is just under an inch and perfect for getting most jobs done in one pass.

The blades are relatively thin, so they don’t feel as durable as most others we tested. However, they’re ideal for lighter-duty jobs, and they’re very affordable, especially given the number of cups included.

The saws are sharp enough to cut through softer materials but won’t be able to get through metal or hardwood.

The included arbors aren’t quick-release, so you’ll have to delay your work a bit if you need to swap sizes.

Everything included comes in a hard plastic case that feels like it will last through heavy use.

  • Includes 13 different saws up to 6” diameter
  • Very affordable
  • Cut quickly through softwoods
  • Includes a plastic carrying case
  • Relatively limited cutting depth
  • Not as durable as many other options
  • Not suitable for hardwood or metal
  • Arbors aren’t quick-release

Spyder 600887 13-Piece Hole Saw Kit

Best Hole Saw Kits for Wood – 3

Spyder specializes in revolutionizing power tools and accessories, and their unique stock-release system in this hole saw kit makes removing the circular cutout easier than any other hole saw. You can eject the stock with just the press of a button, without the need for additional tools.

The kit includes cups from ¾” up to 2½”, and they make quick work of softer materials like plywood or plastic. You’ll be able to cut through hardwood or metal as well, but the cutting isn’t nearly as fast or smooth as it is with softwoods.

The saws are sharp and thick, and they feel like they’ll last through many uses. The kit is somewhat expensive, but we think the quality you get is worth the money.

The arbor included in this kit features a quick-change system, so swapping sizes in the middle of a project can be done quickly and won’t take much time away from your work.

  • Very easy to remove the cutout
  • They cut quickly through softwood and plywood
  • The saws feel durable
  • The arbor features a quick-release mechanism
  • The largest saw size is only 2.5”
  • Not ideal for hardwood or metal
  • Relatively expensive

DEWALT D180002 Electrician’s Hole Saw Kit

Best Hole Saw Kit for Electricians

DEWALT makes professional-grade tools that are built to last, and that’s precisely what you can expect from this hole saw kit.

It comes with six cups ranging from ⅞” to 2½”, including all of the standard sizes for electrical work. The cups are deep enough to get through 2-by material in one pass, so pushing through studs to route wiring will be quick and painless.

The saws are sharp and thick enough to cut through wood, plastic, and metal, so they’re versatile and won’t get damaged if you cut through a stud with nails in it.

The arbor is easy to set and comes with DEWALT’s quick-release system. The hole saw gets locked into place with a sliding mechanism and can be changed without releasing the chuck. It makes size changes straightforward and allows you to focus on your work rather than adjustments.

The kit comes in a very durable carrying case, which feels like it will last through transportation and worksite abuse.

DEWALT stands behind this kit’s quality with a 30-day warranty that guarantees your satisfaction with the hole saws.

  • Ideal for electricians
  • Large cutting depth for 2-by material
  • They can cut through wood, metal, and plastic with ease
  • Features a quick-release mechanism
  • Comes in a durable carrying case
  • Includes a warranty
  • The largest saw diameter is just 2.5”
  • Relatively expensive

Greenlee 660 6-Piece Hole Saw Kit

Best Hole Saw Kit for Metal

Greenlee predominantly makes tools for professional and heavy-duty use, and this hole saw kit is our favorite for frequent metal cutting.

It includes five cups ranging from ⅞” to 2”, and the blades are designed specifically for cutting through hard metal without requiring much force from you.

The pilot bit has a split point to stop jumping on slick materials, and the teeth are carbide that’s suitable for metalwork.

The hole saws include a spring ejector mechanism, so you’ll be able to remove slugs without the use of additional tools.

The cups have a flange on them to stop over-cutting, so you can confidently remove surface material without worrying too much about what is located behind it.

It includes a hard plastic carrying case that feels durable enough to take some workshop abuse and stand up to transportation.

  • Includes 5 holesaws
  • Durable and sharp enough to cut through metal
  • Pilot bit prevents walking on slick surfaces
  • Makes ejecting cutoff a breeze
  • Includes a depth-stop
  • Comes with a hard plastic carrying case
  • The largest saw is just 2” in diameter
  • Very expensive

Buyer’s Guide

As you can see, there isn’t a hole saw kit that’s ideal for all jobs. Keep the below features in mind when you’re shopping to make sure you choose a kit that will be suitable for your projects.

The Material You Plan to Cut

The hole saw kit you choose needs to fit the job for which you plan to use it. Blades designed for a specific medium will make quick work of that material but will either struggle to cut other materials or dull rapidly.

If you plan to use your hole saws on general wood projects, choose a hole saw kit with a high number of teeth per inch, and make sure the blades can handle the wood you work with most often. Some wood blades can manage softwoods and plywoods, while others have the added benefit of being able to cut through hardwoods. Generally speaking, the more versatile the wood blade, the more expensive your kit will be.

Metal blades are usually hardened and have only a few teeth that tipped with carbide. They can power through steel quickly but won’t be nearly as efficient for cutting wood.

Blades for glass, ceramic, and marble need to be tipped in diamond, but they won’t cut through wood or metal quickly or easily.

Hole Saw Vs. Spade Bit Vs. Forstner Bit

Hole saws are cylindrical saw blades that are ideal for cutting large-diameter holes. They’re the only bits that are suitable for holes larger than around 1½”. They can also cut smaller holes, so hole saw kits are best for the most comprehensive range of cutting diameters.

Spade bits have a thin shaft that fans out into a spade-shaped cutting section. They’re best for holes up to about 1½”, but they begin to bind at the larger sizes, which can cause injury. Similarly to a standard drill bit, they grind away material rather than cutting out a solid piece of stock, so you won’t need to eject any cutout after drilling like you would with hole saws.

Forstner bits are wide and have a tiny point that creates a pilot hole. They’re best for making flat-bottomed holes in wood projects without causing too much damage to your stock. They’re often the best bits for drilling through holes in finishing material.

Material Thickness

Hole saws range in cutting depth and can be limited in the material they can drill through by their size. Longer hole saws can cut through 2-by material in a single pass, which is particularly useful for electricians and plumbers who need to cut through studs to route wiring or plumbing.

Hole saws with a shorter depth are ideal for use on thinner material, as the cutoff’s ejection will be far easier than if you used a deeper saw.


Hole saw kits include saws with varying diameters. The standard sizes range from ¾” up to 2½”, but some kits contain saws for larger holes up to 6”.

Electricians and plumbers may only need up to 2½” hole saws for their work, but woodworking projects or home improvement jobs may require larger diameters.

Arbor or Mandrel Release

Hole saw kits usually include interchangeable arbors or mandrels that you can use with multiple diameter saws.

Cheaper hole saw kits often require unscrewing or unbolting the hole saw before you’re able to swap to a different size. This is often an affordable mandrel option, but it can take time and focus away from your work if you plan on using different sizes frequently.

Some kits include a quick-release arbor that allows you to change to a different size hole saw in just a few seconds without the need for tools. These often come with a higher price tag but make your work much more manageable.

Thickness and Durability

The thickness of the metal used to construct the hole saws is often directly related to how durable the saws will be. Thicker metal won’t bend or dent as quickly and can stand up to heavier-duty use.

The material that your hole saws are made of or tipped with will also contribute to how long they will last. Carbide-tipped saws and ice-hardened or heat-treated metal will typically outlast weaker metal.


Some hole saw kits include a warranty that guarantees satisfaction or offers replacement in the event of a manufacturing defect. If you plan to use your hole saws regularly or for professional use as a plumber or electrician, you may want to consider getting a kit with a warranty, like the DEWALT D180002 Electrician’s Hole Saw Kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use A Hole Saw On Drywall?

There are lots of different tools available that can easily be used on a dry wall, including a hole saw.

The best way is to use a hole saw that has adjustable parts. However, if you don’t have one, a normal hole saw will suffice.

The advantage of using a hole saw bit is that it does the job in seconds, saving you precious time.

Part of this is because you only need to draw a circle at the center, as opposed to using a compass to draw the whole circle, as in the case of drywall saw.

So, how do you use a drywall saw to cut holes?

– Measure the center circle to the edge (where drywall board will be installed)
– On the edge of the drywall, place a T square
– Make a note of the distance from side to center
– Place T square along the first mark
– Ensure you have the correct drill bit
– Set the speed
– Start cutting

It’s crucial you check and double check that the measurements are correct, as any discrepancy will mean that the fittings will be compromised and possibly ruin the entire process.

Can A Hole Saw Cut Plastic?

It’s possible to use any type of drill to saw plastic, however you should always check you have the right drill bits before attempting the job.

If you use the wrong parts, it’s possible you could damage or chip the material. If edges aren’t smooth, it can cause long term damage to the plastic.

So, how do you do it?

Bear in mind when drilling through plastic that if the hole you wish to make is large, you should drill slowly. Don’t be tempted to increase speed, as the heat that is generated may very well melt the plastic.

When preparing to drill, fix the plastic to a smooth solid surface and support it with extra wood underneath. When you get to the end of the plastic the drill will enter the wood which reduces the chance of chipping the bottom.

When drilling plastic, it’s also a good idea to add a lubricant, especially when drilling deep holes.

The lubricant will help get rid of dirt and reduce any heat that is generated.

In addition, you should also ensure that the hole you’re drilling is slightly larger than the initial measurements you make, as plastic will contract and expand, so screws should be able to move.

The best drill parts for using on plastic are dowels as they have been designed to help make a smooth cut.

How Do You Use A Hole Saw For An Existing Hole?

The best way to do this is to use a hole saw bit that’s the same size as the existing hole.

Using a piece of scrap wood, cut a plug and take out of the saw and fix it on the pilot part of the larger saw. You must ensure that the plug goes below the teeth of the saw.

Pop it in the hole that you want to make bigger and start drilling. The plug will remain secure because as it twists, it will screw further into the plug. This way the whole is enlarged, job done!

It’s useful to bear in mind that a hole saw only has teeth of the perimeter, you aren’t able to enlarge the hole in the guide jig.

But you must align the guide hole and power drill axis together, otherwise there is a risk that the jig will get damaged.

If you have clamps with a quick-release function, then use them to keep the guide in the right place before moving on to the next area.

For longevity, you could use a piece of metal
as the guide. Wood is okay but won’t last as long and metal is far easier to clamp down with.

You can also use a drill press.


So, that’s everything you need to know on using a hole saw on drywall. Happy DIYing everyone!

Wrapping Up: Which Hole Saw Kit is Best?

It should be clear by now that hole saw kits are often made with a specific purpose in mind, so there isn’t a set that will be ideal for all applications. Some hole saws can cut multiple materials but usually aren’t as useful as those designed for one medium in particular.

Although there is no universal hole saw kit, our favorite overall is the SUNGATOR Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit. It’s affordable and durable, and the blades are strong enough to cut through most common materials like wood and metal, making it the best option we tested for general use.


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