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Kid's DIY Section
young wood workers
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handy tips

A few handy tips and hints that might help make the task just that little bit safer and easier.

tool tips
bulletUsing adult good quality tools makes the task easier
bulletUse a sharp 8 point (8 teeth per inch) handsaw for general cutting
bulletHave capable adults use electric tools unless under strict supervision
bulletScrew driver handle should be big enough to enable a good grip
bulletSquare head screw drivers (with appropriate screws) tend to slip less

kids carpentry tool belt Use a tool belt. It helps you keep all the most commonly used tools and hands reach. Such tools as pencil, measuring tape, hammer, nail punch, square and a few nails or odds and sods.

hammer nails saftely Use a pair of long nosed pliers to hold a nail steady and in place until you have hammered it into the wood a little bit. This save you hitting yourself on the fingers with your hammer.

safe sawing Clamp a piece of wood along the cutting line to act as a saw guide for the handsaw. Do not use your hand for a guide.

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