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Kid's DIY Section
young wood workers
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a bit about safety

It's a good idea to get into good safety practices at an early age.

As always, we appreciate input from you regarding issues of safety or anything else that might be fitting and helpful to any section or project through-out this site. We welcome collective and varied data.
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If you do not know how to use a tool properly, ask someone for help. This isn't just for safety; using tools properly can also make the work easier and give your projects a much more professional look.

Try not to get so excited that you rush and make mistakes. If you take your time, you will be happier with the results in the end.

Have capable adults use any electric tools unless under strict supervision. Even if you are only using a non-electrical hand drill, you should still wear goggles as a drill bit can sometimes snap and fly through the air.

Wear safety goggles and always take care using tools. Remember, even professional builders use safety equipment.

safety gear

Some recommended safety precautions when using treated lumber include...
Use treated lumber that has been lying around for a while and allowed to become surface-dry, (not fresh and wet from the processing treating plant). Wear gloves when handling treated lumber and use a dust mask when cutting or sanding where dust is generated.

All sawdust and construction debris should be cleaned up and disposed of properly. Don't burn it, cook with it or use it for animal litter. Wash hands before eating and wash work clothes separately from other household clothing. Dispose of waste in an approved landfill. Do not use preserved wood under circumstances where the preservative may become a component of food, animal feed, or beehives.

Some timber merchants have pamphlets on how to use treated timber. Read them!

We recommend you get into good safety practices at an early age.

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