Handrail Anatomy


One example  Note: All lumber must be suitable for exterior use. a) Decking b) Joists c) Boundary joist: The boundary joist is fixed to the perimeter of the deck to give a neat finish ...

Deck Anatomy


Note: These plans and/or instructions are to be used expressly as a guide only. If contemplating doing any building work inquire at your local building department to find out what specific needs ...

Water level

Water level

How to make and use a bucket and hose water level Materials You will need a standard plastic bucket and 12 meters (40ft) of 6 mm (1/4") nylex clear plastic tube or similar. Both items can be ...

Making a straight deck

Laying decking boards

A method of laying decking boards straight Assuming the joists are fixed in place. If not go to How to Build a Deck This is an ideal method of how to lay decking boards straight and is most ...

How to set-out a building


Building Profiles  How to establish the building line (profile, perimeter of a building) and ensure it is square and level. Suitable for square or rectangular buildings. Peg the four outside ...

Steel reinforcing in concrete


Related topics: About steel reinforcing in concrete Sometimes steel reinforcing in concrete is put there to strengthen it, help hold the concrete together and limit cracking. In many cases, ...

How to mix concrete


Safety Tip: Be careful when you mix concrete as prolonged contact with fresh concrete will burn your skin. Wear safety goggles, gloves, rubber boots and long sleeves when working with concrete. Ways ...

What is concrete


Concrete is a mixture of cement, water, sand and gravel (stones, crushed rock). The mixture eventually hardens into a stone-like material. Cement and water are the two ingredients that do all the ...

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