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chicken coop side view with hatchway

Chicken coop project
from Susan
I built this 6' x 6' chicken coop with my Dad about 10 years ago.
We used wood from a large pine tree cut down on our property for the board and batten siding.
The floor was treated plywood which I painted with light grey gloss floor paint.
The roof is left over metal roofing and a window from a salvage yard.
I made a homemade door with plastic window.
One thing I changed in the plan I used 8' 4x4's so I could have a little landing "deck" in front of the coop.
I put the nest boxes on the side, the hatchway in the rear, and made a sloped roof.
I created very good ventilation on all 4 sides and reinforced with hardware cloth material to keep out predators.
This is a very excellent small coop that fits 10 chickens comfortably.
Thanks for the plans! The plans are great and very well illustrated. Great price.
Thanks, p.s. If I can find the pictures when it was new I will submit those.

You can see the plans for this project here.   More photos from Susan below.

chicken coop with christmas lights chicken coop nesting boxes

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More photos below.

Inside chicken coop with chicken feeding chicken coop side view
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