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'2-in-1' folding bench and picnic tables

There are currently five such projects listed - bench seats that can be folded into picnic tables in one easy motion. There is a description of each below.
All five have a free version as well as a $5 downloadable version. The difference? - find out below.

folding picnic table made out of 2x4 lumber

One-piece folding picnic table - version 2
Made solely out of 2x4 lumber, this is a more simplified version.
This model also has an optional 'clip-on' piece that adds to the height of the backrest when the unit is in bench mode.
In picnic table mode the overall footprint (area it takes up on the ground) is 60" (1524mm) long by 47-1/4" (1200mm) wide.
In bench seat mode the overall footprint is 60" (1524mm) long by 21-1/2" (545mm) wide. The height is 29" (737mm).   More info »
free version   $5 downloadable version

kids size 2-in-one bench and picnic table

Kids size folding bench and picnic table
A folding picnic table for the kids to use. A kids size version, and the kids love it. A mighty little bench come picnic table ideal for kids around the three to six year age group (give or take a year or so depending on the size of the kids).
The unit is 900 mm (35½") long. When in picnic table mode it is 814 mm (32") wide and when in bench mode it is only 367 mm (14 7⁄16 ") wide.
free version   $5 downloadable version

1 piece 2-in-one bench and picnic table One piece folding bench and picnic table
A bench seat or a picnic table with two seats. This is the first of the 1 piece folding picnic tables and is the longest.
It can be either a bench seat that can seat 2 adults and a child, or a picnic table that can comfortably sit five people.
It is 1487 mm (58 1/2") long.
free version   $5 downloadable version

Compact 1 piece 2-in-one bench and picnic table Compact folding bench and picnic table
Very similar to the one mentioned above but not as long, also the instructions are different, there are a few construction differences, and a different stock size (wood size) is used.
The tabletop is 1090 mm (53 5/8") long by 475 mm (19") wide. It can seat two adults and two kids.
free version   $5 downloadable version

kids size 2-in-one bench and picnic table Two piece folding bench and picnic table
This one has a different design to the ones mentioned above. It can either be a picnic table or two separate bench seats. The backs on the bench seats are folded over to make a tabletop.
It is a very solid structure made out of 2x4 (50mm x 100mm) and 2x6 (50mm x 150mm) lumber. It is 52" (1290mm) long.
free version   $5 downloadable version

So what's the difference between a BuildEazy free-plan and a BuildEazy $5 buy-plan?

As far as content goes, there is very little difference.   Most BuildEazy free-plans have the same content as their buy-plan counterparts, i.e., there is no extra stuff in the buy-plans (for the most, anyway).

The free plans are populated with ads and cannot be printed out in one single file. The $5 versions are in downloadable PDF file - free of any ads and print friendly. They can be purchased online and immediately downloaded to your computer where you can refer to them at will or print them out (or part of) whenever you want.
The $5 option is there because readers have requested it in clean copy. If you are serious about undertaking a project, then the $5 option is the way to go.

How the $5 buy-plans originated

The $5 buy-plans were initiated by reader request. The number of emails requesting or suggesting a downloadable, ad free, printable version of any particular plan even for a small cost, was enough to warrant the $5 buy-plans.
The buy-plans are very popular and have proven to be a good idea. It would seem that some people (percentage unknown) who are serious about a particular project prefer the $5 downloadable version for convenience.

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