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Deck, Seat and Pergola Complex


measuring the post heights

The posts were put in place with at least a 100mm (4") minimum bed of concrete beneath them. The four pergola posts were left over length (to be trimmed off later) but the rest of the posts were positioned at the right height.

Because the deck was to be built close to the ground, the deck posts had to placed in the holes at the right height, as the posts would be too hard to trim off later.

post detail This was done by first pouring about 150mm (6") of concrete into the holes.

The posts were cut to go approximately 50mm (2") into the concrete (leaving a bed of concrete 100mm (4") below the posts) and reaching 220mm (8 3/4") below the stringline (100mm (4") bearer + 100mm (4") joist + 20mm (3/4") decking = 220mm (8 3/4"))

The exceptions were the four pergola posts which were left over length to be trimmed off at a later time.
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