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Deck, Seat and Pergola Complex
We returned to have a look at a hardwood deck, seat and pergola complex built seven months prior.

We wanted to see how much the kwila hardboard had weathered (changed colour) and if there were any shrinkages.

new hardwood deck

hardwood deck

On our first visit, three months after the deck had been constructed, the deck's colour had changed very little and there were no noticeable lumber shrinkages. If no noticeable shrinkages had occurred in that time, then there would most likely be none in the future.
We went back again to have another look seven months after the deck had been completed.

older hardwood deck

The deck is now well on it's way to becoming the silvery-grey colour kwila is renown for.
During this stage of the transformation the deck is slightly patchy. The areas that have been most exposed to the sun, have changed colour more than those areas that have been least exposed (ie shaded areas).

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