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Free fence and gate projects

Below is a list of various types of free fence and gate projects all of which can be found in the Buildeazy website.
Scroll through the list below and select a type of fence or gate you wish to construct. New types will be added from time to time.

Gates & Posts
How to build a 1800mm (6ft) high vertical board fence board panel fence

constructed of 100x100 (4x4) posts, 100x50 (2x4) rails and 150x25 (1x6) vertical fence boards. Drawings and instructions. Enter >>>
How to build a 1800mm (6ft) board and lattice fence a board and trellis fence

constructed of 100x100 (4x4) posts, 100x50 (2x4) rails, 150x25 (1x6) vertical fence boards and lattice at the top. Drawings and instructions. Enter >>>
Making a pipe and mesh fence mesh fence

This article explains how to make a galvanized pipe and chain-link fence.
The fence is 900mm (3ft) high and with 50mm (2") chain-link mesh.
This particular fence was made to go into a hedge thus making the hedge dog proof. Enter >>>
How to make a low picket gate, child-proof how to make a picket gate

How to make a standard 900mm (36') high picket gate so that kids can't open it.
More >>>
Links to fence projects on other websites
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Driveway gates driveway gates

How to make a pair of driveway gates.
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How to make and fit double gates double lumber gates

and how to align the hinges allowing the gates to open over raised ground.
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how to make a garden gate Garden Gate

How to make a simple side or garden gate.
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how to make a lattice top gate A trellis top gate

How to make a gate with lattice on top.
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how to make a concrete gate post Concrete gate post

How to make a concrete gate post.
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how to make a cap for a concrete gate post Post cap

How to make a concrete gate post cap.
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standard fence gate Fence Gate

How to make A Basic 6ft high Fence Gate
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