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This page is dedicated to the DIYers that have completed a buildeazy project and have sent us a picture of the finished product accompanied by a story or comment .
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Re How to make a kid's easel

photo of a kid's easel

Here's an easel we made off your plans while on holiday in Spain.

Things were a little different for me here, so had to change a few things!

I don't know if they even have lumber yards here in the city (Barcelona) or close to it, but found a carpentry store just around the corner from where we are staying and asked what they had to offer.
They had a few spare pieces of lumber and offered us four 2m (80") lengths of 50mm x 15mm ( 5/8" x 2") for 5 Euros (8 U.S. Dollars) .

After measuring off the plan we realized it would be a little small for me (Yes I know it said kids easel!) so we followed your plan, just added some length.

Found the screws and bolts at a local hardware store. easy as! Total of everything including timber was 9 Euros (14 U.S. Dollars) spent.

We also added a piece of timber on top of the horizontal piece, so we could have a ledge for my canvas and pencil / paint brushes to rest on. We dug out a trench thingy for my pencils/paint brushes. You would cringe - we had no tools so just kinda dug it out with a screw driver and hammer. Good enough though - the pencil doesn't roll away!

Everything bought, made and painted all in one day:)

ps. attached is a photos - Rose :)

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