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Photos and Comments regarding the Plywood Playhouse project.

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plywood playhouse front view plywood playhouse rear view plywood playhouse inside view

plywood playhouse front view

Hi, I built the plywood playhouse from these plans: Just finished a couple days ago.
I don't recommend this project for someone with no prior carpentry experience as there are a number of cuts that require angled mitre cuts and some of the plywood cuts are really long. The instructions were fairly easy to follow with only a couple of dimensional hiccups. Foremost, the side walls, using standard 4x8 plywood, do not quite reach the lower roof. I didn't have to trim that edge to fit the slope, which was kind of a relief. However, there is about a 1" gap. Everything else worked pretty well and I love the design. Here are some other changes and comments:
- I used 5/8 plywood on the roof/ceiling to save some money and because 3/4 everywhere seemed a bit overkill. You could run a truck into this thing and the truck would break first.
- I didn't have a workshop space with a tall enough ceiling to finish initial construction inside, so I had to finish installing the roof on-site. This was no problem except for the painting. I definitely recommend painting this thing in panels (per the plans) instead of assembled like I did.
- I skipped the plexi windows because they seemed like the one afterthought in the design, plus I thought it would be better to maintain air flow and keep it cooler inside. We'll see how that works out in the winter. I may change my mind.
- I used one of the scrap pieces of plywood to make a little desk in the back corner.
- I used a router to round most of the plywood edges. They seem less splinter prone this way and seemed to take paint better.
Here are a few pictures.
Thanks for the plans and your website. My 3-year-old son loves it and it's big enough to keep him happy for years!
Ben Malouf