Best Stain Remover

Best Stain Remover

Having a wood item in your home can range from kitchen shelves all the way to your coffee table. Wood furniture adds a rustic feel to the environment that it is in. hene why so many people have wood furniture around their home.

One of the issues with wood is that in some cases it can be difficult to remove some stains from it. And obviously you can apply a fresh coat of varnish to restore it to its original quality but the reality is that it can be very time consuming to actually do that. If you are just looking to remove a few stains from your wood items then varnishing might not be the best bet.

Luckily for you we have gathered all of the relevant information on the best stain removers for wood. If you are someone who doesn’t exactly know what they are looking for and doesn’t want to purchase the wrong item that can actually damage the quality of the wood then you have found yourself in the right place to do that.

We have gathered all of the relevant information that you will need to know to help you make your decision on which is the best wood stain remover for your specific task at hand. This will ensure that you can feel confident in what you are applying to your wood without risking any cause of damage. So with that being said, let’s get started with the best stain removers.

Best Stain Remover

The Milk Paint Wood Bleach

Real Milk Paint, Oxalic Acid Wood Bleach, Iron Remover, Wood Rings Stain Remover, 16 oz

This particular wood bleach is one of the best on the market and is an extremely affordable price for when you need to remove any stains from your wood.

This will be sure to do a great job and have your wood item looking brand new and squeaky clean. It will also save you lots of time because you won’t have to worry about giving the wood a fresh coat of varnish.

One of the biggest worries that you may have when facing getting rid of stains to your wood is the worry of the bleach you are using just causing another stain, luckily that won;’t be the case with this wood bleach as it will be able to remove the stain without impacting the original color of the wood.

Be sure to wear rubber gloves, eye protection and some protective clothing when you use this though as it can be quite dangerous. To apply the wood bleach you simply need to mix the solution with boiling hot water and when that has settled you just need to take a scrubbing brush to the stain itself and before you know it the stain will be removed.


  • Very affordable
  • Will not damage the wood in anyway
  • Easy to apply to the stain


  • Can be quite dangerous so you will need to ensure that you are wearing the correct PPE when you are applying the wood bleach to the relevant areas.

It is also available here –

Daly’s 2 Part Wood Bleach

Daly's 2 Part Wood Bleach Solution Kit Containing Solution A and B, 1 Gallon Each

This particular wood bleach is safe to use on any and all species of wood, whether that be oak or pine you will be able to remove any stain that you see fit. It is intended for use on bare wood so be sure that the old finish has been removed before applying this wood bleach as it may impact the result.

This will be able to lift the color of the wood slightly presenting a brighter finish, depending on what your end goal is with the wood bleach this can be a very desired effect for you to be able to achieve. It will often brighten the room that the wood item is in.

If your wood coffee table is looking a little old and worn then simply applying a coat of this can turn that around making it seem completely brand new.

It is also able to provide 300 sq ft per gallon so no matter how big the surface that you are bleaching is you will be able to achieve a completely bleached object without much need to purchase anymore of the product.

It can be irritating if you need to purchase more because the solution did not provide you with enough coverage but that really shouldn’t be the case here. 


  • Will lighten the tones of the wood making it feel brand new as wood can fade over time depending on what it is exposed to.
  • Will cover plenty of space and you shouldn’t need to purchase lots to get the job done.
  • Works on all species of wood and isn’t exclusive to just one; this can come incredibly handy if you are unsure on what the wood actually is.


  • Will need to remove the finish beforehand.

It is also available here –

Method Daily Wood Cleaner

Method Daily Wood Cleaner, Plant-Based Formula that Cleans Shelves, Tables, and Other Wooden Surfaces While Removing Dust & Grime, Almond Scent, 828 ml Spray Bottles, 8 Pack, Packaging May Vary

This particular wood cleaner will also produce a lovely almond scent. This can be highly sought after because some wood removers can produce a chemical odor that isn’t appreciated by the majority of people. This really is a good feature and will leave the area smelling very fresh and clean.

It is also non toxic making it safe for daily use without the risk of breathing in any harmful chemicals that can prove to be dangerous for you and your family. This again is an incredibly handy feature because most wood bleaches are in fact quite toxic and dangerous to be breathed in.

It is also available in either a 4 pack or an 8 pack, depending on your intended use and how much you use on a regular basis this can come in very handy, more will obviously cost a little more but will still be considered as inexpensive by many. It is also a cruelty free product and is made with plant based wood cleaners.


  • Lovely almond scent that will freshen up the area that it is located in.
  • Safe for daily use and will not produce any toxic fumes.
  • Available in either a 4 or 8 pack


  • May not be as strong as some of the others on this list.

You can also find it here –

Daly’s Oxalic Acid Powder Wood Bleach

Daly's Oxalic Acid Crystal Powder Wood Bleach, 1/2 Pound

This specific wood bleach can be used to remove any stains and marks from bare wood. This is particularly ideal for use on coffee tables or kitchen shelves that are susceptible to water marks. This is due to the fact that water will splash and if not treated right away can often leave many marks.

It will also restore the wood to its newest looking form. Over time depending on what light is exposed to the wood it will begin to fade and look older, this is natural with many things that are of a natural conception.

By using this specific wood bleach that is a thing of the past and you will have your item looking brand new. Though it is onl’y ½ lbs so may not be the biggest container.

This is also great for both interior wood and exterior wood. Wood that is located inside will often have a much longer lasting life because it will be cleaned more regularly and will not fade as easily.

Wood that is located outside due to the fact that it is exposed to much more harmful elements such as dirt and direct sunlight will struggle to maintain its original quality finish. So due to the fact that this can be used outside is a very welcomed feature.


  • Removes stains and marks from bare wood
  • Will completely restore the wood
  • Can be used on both interior and exterior wood.


  • Quite a small container

You can also find it here –

Pine-Sol 35418 Multi Surface Cleaner Pine Scent

Pine-Sol 35418 Multi-Surface Cleaner, Pine Scent, 144-Ounce Bottle (Case of 3)

This particular wood cleaner will produce an incredibly lovely fragrance of pine, this can be a truly welcomed aspect as some wood cleaners can often produce an unwanted smell of chemicals.

This is simply due to the fact that when they are being made they are mixed with lots of different chemicals to get the best results.

It can also be used on a number of different surface those include, laminate, wood and stainless steel. This gives you a range of different areas in your household that you will be able to properly clean and remove any stains from. This makes it a multi-functioning cleaning tool which can be highly sought after by many people.

It will be able to clean, grease, germs, dust and dirt which is very useful considering many people’s kitchen counters are made from wood and are therefore susceptible to lots of different substances that can ruin the quality of the finished product. This is highly helpful and easy to use.


  • Easy to use
  • The cleaner can be used on a number of different surfaces
  • Will also produce a lovely pine scent


  • Case of three so you may have trouble storing them depending on the size of your storage unit.

You can also find it here –

Buyers Guide


One of the main things that you have to consider when you are determining which is the best stain remover for your intended use is how effective that it actually is. If you know that the stain in question is going to be a highly difficult one to remove then you will need the most effective solution to cleaning it.

Luckily for you all of the above products are all incredibly strong and will provide you with an adequate job in terms of removing any unwanted stains from your furniture.

If you select a stain remover that is not the most effective then it can be very irritating as you will feel like you have wasted your money for that reason it is highly important that you select one that is strong enough to remove even the toughest of stains without causing any damage to the quality of the wood.

Multiple Surfaces

Again this is another highly sought after feature as though you may want to use it for a specific purpose it is always good to have something that can be used for multiple different surfaces, maybe you have a laminate flooring that you have previously struggled to get stains up from.

With the use of a stain remover that can work on lots of different surfaces that will no longer be a major issue that you have to deal with.

Like stated a household can be a place of lots of different materials that are all susceptible to stains and dirt so being able to clean lots of them with one specific product is a very good feature.

This is why it should really be considered as one of the most important aspects when it comes time to selecting the perfect stain remover for you. Using a stain remover on a material that it isn’t supposed to be used on can be very harmful to the quality of the actual item in question.

Easy To Use

Easy to use is again another feature that should be considered with the highest importance, the reason for this is because if you do not know how to correctly apply the solution then it can render the whole process pointless.

For that reason having an easy to use formula makes the job at hand a much easier one to comprehend. Many of the solutions need to be mixed with hot water and then you simply need to take a scrubbing brush to the stain in question, after a few forceful scrubs you will notice that the stain has begun to disappear.

Like stated this really is one of the most important aspects that you will need to consider with regards to stain remover and therefore should be treated as such, again if you purchase a stain remover but you can’t work out how to actually use it then the whole point of it is useless.


The scent that the solution can produce is something that will need to be considered by you. The reason for this is because sometimes due to the chemicals that have been used when creating the formula some can produce an odor that you may not find very pleasant.

If that sounds like something that could happen to you then there is no need to worry because as stated above some of the products have a lovely scent that they will produce once they have been placed on the stain.

A chemical smell is not something that is highly sought after by many people so if you can avoid this you almost definitely should. The aroma that something creates can often be very welcomed as long as it is a nice one.


The safety of using such chemicals is again something that you will need to strongly consider before you purchase an item. If you are someone that has small children running around that will often touch any surface they can or breath anything in then some of the more dangerous items on the list is not recommended.

This is for yours and your families safety as They really can produce toxic fumes if not used correctly so before making your decision you should certainly consider how toxic the product is and if there is a much safer option for you to choose from.

Damage To Finish

If a product will cause a little damage to the finish of the item you are trying to clean then it is something that you should avoid. After an item is cleaned all it really has left is how good the finish is on the specific job.

Damaging the finish is something that everyone wants to avoid because it will decrease the quality of the product in question so for that reason it is something that needs to be considered highly when you are making your decision.

If you do not factor this in you run the risk of ruining your item instead of just removing the stain which is what you originally intended to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is The Scent Important?

The accent is important because if you are using chemicals to remove a stain which you more often than not will have to do they can produce an unwanted odor that many people can find very off putting.

For that reason it is highly important that the cleaning solution that you choose is able to produce a friendlier scent, some of the above listed products are able to do that instead of producing something more chemically.

Why Is A Multi Surface Cleaner Recommended?

Simply because it makes it easier to clean the majority of surfaces in your house to a high level and will remove any stain from any surface. Most households have different materials that require different solutions.


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