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Deck, Seat and Pergola Complex
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This is a step-by-step account of a deck, seat and pergola complex building project. It covers all aspects of construction, time frame, unforeseen problems (if any), owners and builders comments and more.

Prelude to the construction
The owners first made contact with the builder through an advertisement in a newspaper.

In the initial meeting the owners wanted some ideas regarding a hardwood deck - a pergola - and a seat complex in their back yard. They had some of their own ideas on design, but weren't too sure of the costs involved and how big a deck could be built while still keeping within a set budget.

The builder advised an approximate square metre (sq ft) rate for a hardwood deck, how much the pergola would cost and how much a metre (lineal ft) the bench seat would cost. The owners now had guidelines to work within and were able to finalize the design.

The builder then gave the owners a final quote. The quote was accepted and the project got under way...

A bit about the lumber
The posts, bearers and joists were all treated suitable for in ground application. This is especially necessary when a deck is very close to the ground with limited air circulation.

The Plans. These are the plans. The deck was to be built as close to the ground as practically possible. more info >>> pergola and deck plans
The Profiles. Profiles were put in to determine the deck's finished height and perimeter and to give posthole lines. more info >>> profiles for the deck and pergola
The Footings. The footings were dug with a two-man mechanical hole digger. The holes were 300mm (12") diameter and 450mm (15") deep, or dug down to firm ground. more info >>> deck and pergola footings
The Posts. The posts were put in place with at least a 100mm (4") minimum bed of concrete beneath them. The four pergola posts were left over length (to be trimmed off later) but the rest of the posts were positioned at the right height. more info >>> deck and pergola posts
The Bearers and Joists. The bearers, 100x100 (4x4) were placed on top of the posts, and then the joists on top of the bearers. more info >>> deck joists
The Pergola Frame. The pergola posts were trimmed and rebated. The two beams were bolted in place and the rafters were fixed between the beams. more info >>> pergola frame
The Bench Seat Frame. The bench seat frame, resembling a ladder, was made up on an even piece of ground before being fixed to the seat posts. more info >>> bench seat frame
Laying The Deck Straight. The two end joists were marked out for the decking boards, and a chalk-line was made for every third board. This ensured a straight deck. more info >>> begining of the deck
The Bench Seat Decking. The bench seat decking boards were laid and fixed in the same manner as the rest of the deck. more info >>> decking the bench seat

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