DeWalt DW618PK Review

DeWalt DW618PK Review

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In woodworking, a router is a tool that can be used to hollow out surfaces on the wood in different forms depending on what needs to be projected in the final product. It used to be a hand tool but has been motorized for efficiency. This opened many avenues for the tool to be used to make newer and more complex products in much less time than it would have n otherwise. This is a very important tool as it can be used in most woodworking projects. Builders, hobbyists and professional woodworkers derive much use from it in their workshops.

Dewalt is a company famous for its power tools because over the years it have maintained a great line of products that can be trusted to be worth buying. The DW618PK is no different: it is one of the best of its kinds available in the market.

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[important]Most routers need to be at least 2 horsepower or they cannot handle hard substances. This one is 2 ¼ horsepower which is more than enough to provide good quality service. The added bonus of adjustable speeds from 8000 to 24,000 revolutions per minute also allows the machine to be used on different types of woods without damaging the router bits. The whole mechanism is also built to ensure a soft start.[/important]

Now, unlike most routers, the DW618PK is a kit that contains both a fixed base and a plunged base. What is the difference you ask? Well if you are relatively new to woodworking you need a fixed-based kind of router you want. A fixed based router keeps the tool operating at a particular depth and causes the hollowed-out area to extend vertically.

A plunged based router on the other hand is where the cuts are made vertically as the bit is moved downward (rather than forward like in a fixed based router). Both cannot account for the work done by the other so they are needed for their respective jobs.

[note]The DW618PK does not force you to sacrifice one for the other and so it is ideal for anyone looking for a versatile package.[/note]

The Dewalt DWW618PK is compatible with both the ½” bit shanks and the 1/4” bit shanks as it can accommodate both of these collets inside of it. This is useful in deciding how the machine is utilized. Another feature that corresponds in fulfilling this purpose is the cutting depth that can be changed according to the need of the user. The micro-fine depth-adjustment ring can be fixed on different distances that are spaced by 1/64”. The plunge base has micro-fine depth adjustment, which is 5/128” per turn, allowing for accuracy.

The best wood router has rubber molded handles to assure the user maintains control over the tool at all times and Dust Sealed Switches that can insure that the machine works properly and protects from wear and tear in the long term.

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  • Clear sub base, ensure visibility.
  • Adjustable speed, the versatility of use.
  • Durability with lesser tool weight.
  • Dust collector, 95% collection that ensures cleanliness.
  • Dual-use, plunge and fixed base are available.
  • Different collets can be attached.
  • A separate compatible router table can be purchased (by Dewalt, from this series).
  • Quick-release tabs so changing bits is easy.
  • Spindle lock button makes single wrench bit changes possible.
  • Power cord detachable, convenient to clean, and service.
  • Power cord about 8 feet long.
  • Plunge lever that within range to reach.
  • Soft start and low vibration.

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  • The centering tool must be purchased separately to ensure greater precision.
  • Not designed to function with all router tables.
  • Comes with a power cord.
  • Edge guide available but needs to be purchased separately.
  • Some issues reported with the plate design.
  • Can be too much power if precautions are not used.
  • Limited warranty only.
  • Some purchases needed to be replaced early on.
  • Issues reported with using the motor on plunge base.
  • Instructions can be a little difficult to understand.
  • Some issues have been cited with the spindle lock.
  • Not many mounting options.


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  • Includes: DW618M motor pack, DW6184 fixed base, DW6182 plunge base, 1/4″ and 1/2″ collets, large whole sub base, vacuum adapter, wrench.
  • Includes kit box.
  • Depth Adjustment ring.
  • Dust collection.
  • Detachable cord set.
  • Spindle Lock button.
  • Die-aluminum cast base.
  • Dust-sealed switch.
  • Right or left switch and cord set location.
  • Quick Release motor latches.
  • Brass Bushings and case hardened steel guide.
  • LEXAN sub-base.
  • Five-position turret stop.
  • Three-year limited warranty.
  • 8-foot long detachable power cord.
  • No centering tool.
  • Adaptable with different collets.


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This power tool is strong, stable, and convenient to use. It provides the user variety and assurance that it can work efficiently to produce the best possible products. This product can be great if you are just getting started with woodworking as it provides many options along with good quality.

[tip]Dewalt DW618PK has a solid heavy-duty body that has a good center of gravity and permits for firm grip allowing for ultimate ease in use. This product has also been on the market for a while and has found considerable success.[/tip]

Overall this is a great power tool and if you are in the market for routers, then have a look at this kit and be completely assured that is a well built, tried, and tested model that can provide great service for a reasonable price.

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