Porter Cable 690LR Review

Porter Cable 690LR Review

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Wood crafting is surely an art. After all, you create beauty out of mere pieces of wood! It can’t get better than that, can it? While such an act is satisfying, it sure isn’t easy. Woodwork requires immense knowledge and experience as well as skills and creativity. You can’t expect to build a table out of wood if you don’t know how to. And creativity allows you to ensure that you do the task efficiently while also producing excellent final products.

While such factors are immensely crucial in the art of woodworking, at the end of the day, what your product looks like depends on a lot of the quality of the equipment you use. Your tools can make or break your efforts and therefore should be chosen wisely.

One such equipment is the router. A router is responsible for cutting wood. While some may think any product would suffice for such a primary task, such is not the case. This is because how accurate and precise your cuts end up, are governed by the quality of your output. And therefore, you need to ensure that the product you choose allows for precise cuts. One such product you can try is the Porter Cable 690LR Fixed-Base Router.

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This router features a powerful motor with a high horsepower which allows the product to undertake heavy-duty tasks with immense ease. The product’s ability to handle an array of jobs allows for enhanced usage and hence convenience.

[note]The product ensures that it provides steady performance. This is guaranteed by the inclusion of a cam-lock lever. The lever plays an integral role in allowing for simple height adjustments which in turn govern the accuracy of the cuts.[/note]

Moreover, the router features a quick motor release system. This function lets users change the engine pack from a fixed-base to plunge or D-Handle base. While these two bases are not part of the package, they can be bought separately and efficiently used.

The product is also accompanied by a micro-depth adjustor which guarantees precision during operation thereby yielding excellent outputs. Additionally, woodworking router is marked by a rugged construction. Such a construction allows for enhanced durability which is appreciated and looked for by many. Such robust built of the router is achieved via the inclusion of an aluminum motor housing as well as a base. Aluminum is known for its robustness and therefore ensures the longevity of the product.

[important]The switch of the router is dust sealed. This is done to make sure that the switch is usable for a long time and does not get damaged by excessive exposure to dust. The durability of the product is further enhanced by the sealed ball bearing construction of the router. This protects the product from all sorts of wear and tear, regardless of how regularly the router is used.[/important]

Furthermore, the router allows for a user-friendly performance. This is guaranteed by the addition of an auto-release collet system which plays a part in allowing for ease in bit removal. The inclusion of an under-table stop protects the motor from instances of rotating out of the base.

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  • The powerful motor of this product is robust enough to conduct all sorts of tasks regardless of how heavy duty they are.
  • The price of the product is low, making the router immensely affordable.
  • The product succeeds in offering a easy and quick bit removal system which adds on to convenience of the product.
  • The array of warranties that accompany the product allows for strong customer relationship as well as cost-effectiveness. It renders the need for unnecessary trips to market unnecessary.
  • The cam-lock lever allows for enhanced coarse adjustment which is immensely convenient.

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  • It is difficult to adjust the depth of the bit in this router, which undermines the convenience factor of the product.
  • Even when you tightly secure the router in its place, it is hard to ensure that the bit stays in place. This flaw, in turn, undermines the accuracy of the cuts.
  • The handles of the router tend to get loose with time which is a source of annoyance for many.
  • The product does not come with a case which makes transporting it a challenge.
  • The opening diameter of the router is too small for some bits.


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  • The product features a spiral can design which allows for quick and accurate coarse adjustments.
  • A three-year warranty accompanies the product, which makes the router quite cost-effective and reliable.
  • The dimensions of the router are 12*5.5*8.62 inches.
  • The product weighs approximately 8 pounds.
  • A one-year free service contract accompanies the product which adds on to the convenience of the router.
  • There is a 90-day money back guarantee which enhances customer confidence in the product.
  • The kit includes a fixed base router with a motor, 0.25 and 0.5-inch collets, a collet wrench, and an operating manual.
  • The product is equipped with ergonomic handles to allow for comfortable grip.


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All in all, this router has managed to deliver optimum performance to users, mostly owing to the inclusion of a powerful motor. Many appreciate the measures the manufacturers have taken to ensure the durability of the product. Such enhanced durability and comfort as provided by the router has made it a likely choice of the masses.

[tip]When you add the product’s low price and ease of use into the mix, you are bound to feel satisfied with the router. While it does exhibit a few flaws, the cost-effectiveness along with other benefits the product provided make up for the cons.[/tip]

If you value durability and ease of use, make sure you get your hands on the Porter Cable 690LR Fixed-Base Router. You will not be disappointed.

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