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Woodworking is no easy feat. It requires skill and knowledge of the craft. And to be unique, it also needs creativity. While all of these elements are vital in ensuring that your work comes out looking like a piece of art, nothing is as important as being equipped with the right tools.

What equipment you use governs the quality of your output. Regardless of how skilled you are, all of it will go to waste if you don’t combine your skills with high-quality tools. One such equipment is a wood router. As it serves to be the main instrument, don’t underestimate its importance. The precision and accuracy of your work will depend on this.

Hence it is integral to invest in a high-quality router. While there is an array of items on the market to choose from, not all of them are up to the task of ensuring exquisite woodwork. Therefore, make sure you choose a product which is worth the money and succeeds in adding value to your work. One such router is the Dewalt DWP611PK Variable Router. If you value portability and quality, this router may be perfect for you.

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This product features a durable motor with a horsepower of 1.25. Such a reliable engine is capable of offering high power as required by an advanced application.

[note]The fact that the product is equipped with a variable speed control means that you can change the bit speed as per the requirements of a particular task. Such a feature ensures that the work you are conducting comes out looking like it is supposed to.[/note]

The product also succeeds in providing users with firm control of the machine. The soft starting motor ensures such. Since the motor starts slowly, the user can get accustomed to the operating tool. Such a feature also ensures that the engine does not experience torque when started.

The motor is equipped with automatic feedback, which allows it to offer consistent speed to users throughout the process of cutting. Such a feature allows for consistent and accurate output.

Moreover, the router is accompanied by Dual LED and a clear sub-base. Both of these additions guarantee that you are given enhanced visibility during the operation.

[important]Additionally, the product also comes with an adjustment ring. Such a ring is responsible for bit depth changes, and this product can undertake depth changes to within 1/64 inches when in fixed base mode. Such incremental changes ensure that you are as accurate and precise as possible. Such accuracy is further enhanced by the fact that the plunge base of the router includes a fine-tune adjustment rod. This rod is vital for depth settings which are precise in nature.[/important]

The manufacturers of the product understand customers’ need for comfort. They have ensured it through the inclusion of low-pressure spindle lock button. This button makes single wrench bit changes a piece of cake. Similarly, the addition of various shaft-lock detents allows for quick bit changes which add on to the convenience of using the product.

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  • The product is compact as well as lightweight, which makes it ideal for transporting from one place to another and assists with easy storage.
  • The inclusion of ergonomic handles allows for a comfortable hand grip and therefore reduces fatigue during extended usage.
  • The router is relatively quiet compared to other similar items, and is therefore convenient to use.
  • The robust nature of the motor allows it to handle both soft and hard wood with immense ease efficiently.
  • Regardless of the quality of the router bits, this router manages to offer smooth and clean cuts.
  • The bits are easy to change, and this adds on to the convenience.

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  • The product is not cordless and therefore limited by the length of the cord.
  • The package does not include an edge guide.
  • The collet nut is quite difficult to access, thereby undermining the ease of use.
  • Apart from the plunge base, the product does not feature side handles and only allows for palm grips, which can lead to fatigue and hence undermines the comfort provided by the router.
  • The product gets a little too hot after prolonged use which threatens the durability of the router.
  • The 0.25 collet base is a very limiting bit choice.


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  • The dimensions of the base in plunge mode are 4*4 3/8*5 ¾ inches which are compact enough to allow for easy storage and portability.
  • This router has a weight of 4.6 pounds when used with a fixed base and 6.2 pounds when used with a plunge base.
  • The product features a 12 position spindle lock.
  • The router has a clamping mechanism to ensure the stability of the motor.
  • The product allows for quick removal of bases via the spring-load release.
  • The motor has an aluminum housing for enhanced durability.
  • The sub-base of the product accepts all template guides which are universal in nature.
  • The product can perform 1.5 inches of depth travel when on a standard base and 2 inches of depth travel when on a plunge base.


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All in all, even though the product features a few flaws, the fact remains that for the price charged, this router has managed to provide customers with superior performance and quality. This compact motor is equipped with such value-added features that it stands out amongst a crowd of similar items.

The powerful motor and the clear cuts offered by the router is bound to satisfy novices. While this router may not be perfect for professional use, it sure is a treat for all the hobbyists out there. If you are an advanced woodworker and wish for a compact router as an addition to your tools, this product may satisfy you too.

Choose DEWALT DWP611PK Variable Router. Provide yourself with a reliable tool and watch as your creativity and skills translate into an exemplary output. Be the creator of uniqueness.

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