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Scrollsaw pattern
fretwork scroll saw pattern
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Pattern and directions

This scrollsaw pattern is designed to be used in conjunction with the Buildeazy free plan 'How to make a mailbox stand' but would also be ideal for use in other projects as a decorative corbel in a structure such as a gazebos or a porch.

Below are the plans with a few directional notes.
The plans are in two formats, firstly a plan with dimensions followed by instruction notes and secondly the pattern in grid format.

Allow a moment for the images below to load.

fretwork pattern
Instruction notes
Step 1.
Mark out the pattern on a piece of 18mm (3/4") thick plywood using the plan above and the notes below as reference.
bulletAxis D is the center point for circumferences 7 & 8.
bulletAxis E is the center point for circumference 3.
bulletAxis F is the center point for circumferences 6.
bulletN, O, P, Q, R, S & T are points on circumference 7 that are equal distant apart and are the centers for 32mm (1 1/4") holes.
bulletG, H, I, J, K, L & M are points on circumference 2 that are equal distant apart and are the centers for 12mm (1/2") holes.

Step 2.
Cut out the outside edge of the pattern and drill the holes as shown in fig.1 below. Refer to plan and notes above for hole sizes.
cut out scroll saw pattern
Step 3.
Mark between the holes as shown in fig.2 above and cut out as shown in fig.3 above.
And finally, just a bit of sanding.
NOTE: The grid drawing below is another alternative for marking out the pattern.

scroll saw template

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