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Basic shelf installation
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How to make and install shelves
bulletPage 1: Introduction
bullet Page 2: Bracket options
bullet Page 3: Find the studs
bullet Page 4: Fix the verticals, the brackets and the shelving
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Page 1: Introduction

This section explains how to install the most common and basic forms of open shelving, consisting of either solid lumber boards or specifically manufactured shelving boards that sit on brackets cantilevered from a lumber framed wall.

Three widely used bracket systems are:
bullet wooden braced brackets fixed to vertical battens
bullet L-shaped metal brackets fixed to the wall studs
bullet Metal brackets that clip into a slotted metal, hollow square-section that is fixed upright to the wall stud.

The procedure involves: deciding on the most suitable bracket type; determining the position and height of the shelves; finding the wall studs; securing the upright battens and/or brackets, and placing the shelves.

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