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How to make a Track Dolly [Table of contents below]

Step 1: Measure, mark and drill the holes

Drill the holes in the aluminum angle for the wheel bolts and also for the screws to fasten the angle to the underside of the dolly platform. Read below for correct hole placements.

track dolly aluminum angle

Drill 5/16" (8mm) holes for the wheel bolts along line (a) and 1/4" (6mm) holes for the fastening screws along line (b).

Line (a) is 5/8" (16mm) down from edge (c).
Line (b) is 5/8" (16mm) up from edge (d). See the diagram above.

Position the three bolt holes along line (a) in from each end 2" (50mm) and 1 1/4" (30mm) respectively, plus one in the middle.
Position the four screw holes evenly along line (b) but not directly under any of the bolt holes. See the diagram above.

Note: When doing the other side of the aluminum angle, off-set all the wheel-bolt holes at least 3/4" (20mm) along the line (a) to ensure that none of the opposing holes are in each other's way. See diagram insert above.

Step 2: Assemble the wheels

track dolly wheel assembly

You can buy wheels with or without bearings. Ensure that the wheels have bearings already in them or buy them separately and put them in yourself - an easy task.

To assemble the wheels and attach them to the aluminum angle, follow the steps below.

track dolly wheel bolt

1.) Place a washer on a bolt.

2.) Add a wheel.

3.) Add a washer.

4.) Add a nut and only finger tighten against the washer.

5.) Add another nut and lock it against the first nut with a couple of spanners. See the picture middle-right. Ensure that the wheel can spin freely.

6.) Add the aluminum angle.

7.) Add another nut and tighten.

Do the same to all twelve wheels.

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