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How to make a Track Dolly [Table of contents below]

Step 3: Attach the angle to the platform

track dolly platform assembly

For the dolly platform, use a piece of 3/4" (18mm) thick plywood 30" (760mm) wide x 42" (1060mm) long.

Note: That particular size suited us. You can make a platform to whatever size suits you.

Lay the platform upside-down on a couple of sawhorses.

Draw a line along the length of the platform, 3 1/2" (90mm) in from each side.

Lay the two aluminum angles next to the lines.
In other words, the two aluminum angles should be placed each side of the platform, 3 1/2" (90mm) in from the edge.

Screw through the screw holes into the platform.

Note: The screws should be long enough to go almost through to the other side of the platform for maximum hold.

That's the platform. Now for the tracks.

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