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How to make a Playhouse
a plywood playhouse
woodworking projects from the do-it-yourself carpentery workshop

How to make a Plywood Playhouse See the video
bullet Page 1: Introduction - Materials List
bullet Page 2: The Plans - Cutting Detail 1
bullet Page 3: The Plans - Cutting Detail 2
bullet Page 4: Cutting Ideas from Full Sheets
bullet Page 5: Making the Floor
bullet Page 6: Making the Walls and Roof
bullet Page 7: Standing and Fixing the Walls
bullet Page 8: Attaching the Roof
bullet Page 9: Making the Door and Windows
arrow Page 10: Dismantling and Adding the Panes
bullet Page 11: Re-assembling the Playhouse
bullet User Comments/Photos

Dismantling and adding the window panes

Step 15. Bit of an undercoat.

Give the playhouse an undercoat of paint while it is together.

Step 16. Dismantle and more paint.

When the paint had dried, then dismantle the playhouse.

Take it down the same way it was put up. Make sure you keep all the bolts, washers, nuts, and anything else safely tucked away in a box to save buying them again.

Spread all the playhouse segments around the place and do some more painting - only limited by your imagination.

Step 17. Fitting the window pane.

Cut or acquire 5 pieces of 4mm (3/16") thick acrylic sheet (clear plastic glass) to cover the window holes.
3 pieces @ 19 1/2" x 19 1/2" (490mm x 490mm) and 2 pieces @ 9 3/4" x 19 1/2" (245mm x 490mm).

The acrylic sheets (panes) are slightly bigger than the window area they cover.

Carefully drill some 1/4" (6mm) screw holes in from each corner and also one in the middle.

Then place the acrylic sheets (panes) in place over the window holes and lightly pencil mark around the perimeter.

Take the panes off and apply a clear adhesive sealant to the plywood inside the penciled area.
Position the panes back in place.
Screw the corners and the middle.

If need be, place some weights on top of the acrylic sheets (panes) to keep a bit of pressure on the panes until the adhesive sealant dries.

the windows in the playhouse
giving the playhouse an under coat dismantling the playhouse sealant for the window pane fixing the window pane allowing the window pane to set

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