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How to make a Playhouse
a plywood playhouse
woodworking projects from the do-it-yourself carpentery workshop

How to make a Plywood Playhouse See the video
bullet Page 1: Introduction - Materials List
bullet Page 2: The Plans - Cutting Detail 1
bullet Page 3: The Plans - Cutting Detail 2
bullet Page 4: Cutting Ideas from Full Sheets
bullet Page 5: Making the Floor
bullet Page 6: Making the Walls and Roof
bullet Page 7: Standing and Fixing the Walls
bullet Page 8: Attaching the Roof
bullet Page 9: Making the Door and Windows
bullet Page 10: Dismantling and Adding the Panes
arrow Page 11: Re-assembling the Playhouse
bullet User Comments/Photos

Re-assembling the playhouse

Step 18. Put it all back together again.

By now you have already assembled the playhouse once, so second time around shouldn't be a problem.

Most important is to ensure that the floor is made level. It may need digging in parts, or packing up in parts, but make sure it is level. Secure it to the ground - perhaps with a couple of stakes hammered into the ground and nailed to the skids.
Also... once the playhouse is fully assembled, fasten the walls to the skids and end joists with a dozen or so pieces of 6" (150mm) long galvanized metal strap, just to make sure a gust of wind can't pick the playhouse up and drop it in another part of the yard.

Finally, fix a length of 2" x 2" (50mm x 50mm) galvanized angle flashing along the roof ridge.

standing up the playhouse
re-assembling the playhouse possitioning the end wall Alli wants to go in the playhouse

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User Photos/Comments Author: Les Kenny
Editor: Maree Anderson

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User Photos/Comments about this project

plywood playhouse half finished
Hello there,
First of all thanks for posting the plans for this project on the web for all to use. The friends kids love it when they come round for the garden parties etc.
It is quite a lot of work and took me a whole week to complete ... more and photos
Peter Guilliatt

plywood playhouse
Hi, I built the plywood playhouse from these plans: Just finished a couple days ago.
I don't recommend this project for someone with no prior carpentry experience as there are a number of cuts that require angled mitre cuts and some of the plywood cuts are really long. more and photos
Ben Malouf

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