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How to make a Playhouse
a plywood playhouse
woodworking projects from the do-it-yourself carpentery workshop

How to make a Plywood Playhouse See the video
bullet Page 1: Introduction - Materials List
bullet Page 2: The Plans - Cutting Detail 1
bullet Page 3: The Plans - Cutting Detail 2
bullet Page 4: Cutting Ideas from Full Sheets
bullet Page 5: Making the Floor
bullet Page 6: Making the Walls and Roof
arrow Page 7: Standing and Fixing the Walls
bullet Page 8: Attaching the Roof
bullet Page 9: Making the Door and Windows
bullet Page 10: Dismantling and Adding the Panes
bullet Page 11: Re-assembling the Playhouse
bullet User Comments/Photos

Standing and fixing the walls

Step 8. Fixing the walls in place.
Clamp a couple of blocks to both end joists to prevent the front and rear walls from slipping off the joists while they are being worked on.

Stand up the rear frame and hold it in place with a temporary brace.

Do the same with the front wall.

Mark a couple of pencil lines across each of the two side walls 11 1/4" (280mm) in from the front end and 8" (200mm) in from the rear end (see drawing below). Also refer to the side elevation plan.

mark the side walls

Clamp the side walls in place ensuring that the insides of the front and rear walls line up with the pencil lines on the side wall (as mentioned above).

Bolt the side walls to the 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" (45mm x 45mm) battens on the front and rear walls using 3/8" (10mm) galvanized bolts. Pre-drill the bolt holes first.
Allow for four bolts at each corner.

Shave or shape (with a planer or sander) the top of the side walls to be flush with the rake of the top of the front and rear walls (see drawing below).

shave the side walls to align with the end walls
the playhouse rear wall in place the playhouse front wall in place the playhouse side wall securing the side wall shaving the top of the side wall

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