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Deck Seating Project

deck seating
Adding a Bench Seat to an existing deck
Page Contents
1: Making the post holes in the deck
2: Putting in the seat posts
3: Making the seat frame
4: Decking the seat frame you are on this page
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Step four

Laying the decking on the seat frame

Begin by fixing the two outside decking boards in place. Start from the corner of the seat, (A-B in seat frame drawing in the previous page), keep the decking boards flush with the sides of the seat frame and slightly overhang them at each end, to be trimmed off later.

If the corners of the seat are at right angles (square), then the angle cuts required on the decking boards, at that corner, will be 45degrees, but if the corners of the seat are anything other than right angles, then that angle will be the line from A to B as shown in the seat frame drawing in the previous page.

bench seat detail

Next lay and fix the 3 intermediate decking boards in the same way as the two outside boards ensuring the gaps between them are even.

Trim the off the ends of the decking boards flush with the ends of the seat frame.

Finish by fixing a decking board, on edge, around the perimeter of the seat.
Use only galvanized nails throughout the construction of the seat. 90mm (3 1/2") long nails for the frame and 60mm (2 1/2") long nails for the decking board. The decking boards will need to be drilled before being nailed.

Material quantities

Because the length of the seat is unknown (depending on the length of the deck and personal preference etc) the material quantities are worked out in 1500mm (5ft) lengths as that is the spacing of the posts.

Materials per 1500mm (5ft) length:

Hardwood decking 90x18 (3/4" x 3 1/2") - 11 meters (36ft) of

65x45 (1 1/2" x 2 1/2") treated framing - 5 meters (17ft) of

90x90 (3 1/2" x 3 1/2") treated post - 0.5 meters (20") of

12mm (1/2") galvanized bolts and straps - 2 of each

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User Photos/Comments about this project

Thanks for your excellent Deck Bench Idea. I built mine in a jiffy.
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I wanted to submit some of my bench project photos.
I was helped out a great deal by the other submissions and this may help someone else.
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A while back (about April, 2010) I inquired about the measurements of the lumber you used in your deck plan. You explained that these were measurements from Australia and/or New Zealand. I have incorporated the plans to work in my situation in the USA and attached are the photos of my work and finished product.   more and photos >>

Hi John Leary is my name. I have been endeavoring to submit a photo of a DIY thru your website but could not access an email connection.
I love the site and it inspired me to undertake a deck project. Attached is a photo of the almost finished project.
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