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Free-standing Carport Project

free-standing carport
How to build a basic free-standing carport.
Page Contents
1: Introduction - Wood sizes - Measurements
2: Identifying the parts - The height - The roof fall
3: The plans - Setting out
4: Installing the posts, 3 options you are on this page
5: The beams and rafters, fixing detail
6: The bracing options
7: User Photos/Comments

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Installing the posts
carport posts

Method 1.   Post set in concrete

Dig post holes 300mm (12") square by 600mm (24")deep. Place 100mm (4") of concrete into the bottom of every hole.
Commence putting the posts in the holes against (but not touching) the string line.
Using a spirit-level on both a front and side face, check that each post is plumb (vertical) and almost, but not quite, touching the string line.

Fill the hole with concrete to within 50mm (2") of the finished ground level.
Check again that the post is plumb and not quite touching the string line.
Because of the depth of the hole, the concrete will support the post without the need for bracing, providing of course that the concrete mix isn't too runny and there isn't a gale blowing.
Continue until all posts are concreted in.

Method 2.   Galvanized post brackets set in concrete

Dig post holes 300mm (12") square by 600mm (24") deep. Fill the holes with concrete and set the brackets in position while the concrete is still soft. Ensure the brackets are at the right height, taking the finished slab (carport floor) into consideration. Some temporary packing, props or bracing may be needed to support the brackets until the concrete stiffens up. Wait until the concrete has cured (usually at least four days) and then install the posts plumb (vertical) in the brackets and hold in place with temporary bracing.

Method 3.   Galvanized post brackets bolted to existing concrete slab

Fix the brackets to the slab, in position with masonry bolts or anchors. Install the posts plumb (vertical) in the brackets and hold in place with temporary bracing.

Trimming the posts

Mark the rear posts a minimum of 2300mm (7' 8") above the slab, or finished ground level. Ensure the height marks on both rear posts are level. Use a spirit-level on a straight edge to achieve this or a water level. For instructions on how to make and use a water level go to

Mark the front two posts 100mm (4") higher than the rear posts. Fix a string line between the front and back posts to mark the height of the middle posts. Cut the tops of the posts off at these marks.