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Free-standing Carport Project

free-standing carport
How to build a basic free-standing carport.
Page Contents
1: Introduction - Wood sizes - Measurements
2: Identifying the parts - The height - The roof fall
3: The plans - Setting out
4: Installing the posts, 3 options
5: The beams and rafters, fixing detail you are on this page
6: The bracing options
7: User Photos/Comments
The beams and rafters
carport beams and rafters

Cut the two beams 6000mm (20ft) long with 45° miters each end and then clamp them in place to the posts so that the tops of the beams are flush with the tops of the posts and protrude past both the front and rear posts by 300mm (12").

Drill and bolt the beams to the posts with 12mm (1/2') Galvanized bolts, (two at each meeting).

Cut the two end rafters 3000mm long with 45° miters each end and fix them in place to the beams with 75mm (3") Galvanized nails and then with Galvanized angle brackets, each bracket fixed with four 12mm (1/2") Galvanized bolts, two through the beam and two through the rafter. (See diagram).

Cut the six intermediate rafters 2900mm (9' 8") long and fix them in place to the beams with Galvanized metal joist hangers. Space the rafters at 900mm (3ft) centres (crs, o.c.). Refer to the plan.

Finish off with a longitudinal row of blocking down the middle in between the rafters.

carport beam and rafter layout