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Free-standing Carport Project

free-standing carport
How to build a basic free-standing carport.
Page Contents
1: Introduction - Wood sizes - Measurements
2: Identifying the parts - The height - The roof fall
3: The plans - Setting out
4: Installing the posts, 3 options
5: The beams and rafters, fixing detail
6: The bracing options you are on this page
7: User Photos/Comments

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The bracing
carport bracing

If the posts are concreted into the ground, and the posts are bolted to the beams with two bolts at each meeting, then no further bracing should be required. If, however, the posts are not in-ground, but supported by Galvanized post brackets, then additional bracing is required. One such scenario is to fix upper post diagonal bracing (see diagram), two to each post, each about 900mm (3ft) long (more or less), and fixed to the post with nail plates and fixed to the beam/rafter with bolts.

Another scenario is to fix full 100mm x 100mm (4" x 4") diagonal braces running from the bottoms of the middle posts to the tops of the end posts and secure with bolts, nail plates or Galvanized brackets at each end. A similar diagonal brace is also required between the two rear (end) posts. With this latter scenario, the diagonal braces could be replaced with diagonal trellis (lattice) between the two end posts and the end post and middle post each side (three panels in all).
Both bracing methods mentioned in this scenario also require roof plane bracing to ensure the front of the carport is rigid. This can be 25 mm (1") wide flat Galvanized metal strapping stretched from corner to corner and fixed with Galvanized nails to the tops of each rafter.

The roof

You can now apply your chosen roof.
Different types of roof will have different fixing instructions from the manufacturers.

All done. Eazy with a "Z"!