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How to build a Kitchen Island Bench


Step 1. Cut the pieces

all the wood members to make a kitchen island bench

Cut all the pieces to the lengths given below. Always cut the longest pieces first to minimize waste.

4x4 (100mm x 100mm)
[a] leg: 4 @ 34" (865mm)

1x4 (25mm x 100mm)
[b] side-rail: 6 @ 25" (635mm)
[b2] side-rail: 2 @ 27" (685mm)
[c] under-rail: 3 @ 25"(635mm)
[c2] under-rail: 1 @ 15" (385mm)
[d] tabletop: 7 @ 29" (735mm)
[e] shelf top: 4 @ 28" (710mm)

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Plane and sand the rough wood to get the texture you want.
I gave the rough-sawn wood a slight plane and sand, making the finished product somewhere between rough and smooth - semi rustic type of look.

kitchen island wood pieces sanded and planed

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