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How to build a Kitchen Island Bench

Step 2. Make up the front and rear frames

kitchen island frame made square

The front and rear frames each consist of two legs [a], two side-rails [b], and an under-rail [c].

Assemble the frames in the following order using glue and initially ONLY ONE SCREW AT EACH MEETING (so the frame can be skewed if required)

Fix the under-rail [c] flat on top of the legs. The outside of the legs and the ends of the under-rail should be flush.

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Fix the two side-rails [b] to the legs. Ensure the ends of the rails [b] are flush with the outside of the legs.
Make the top rail flush with the top of the under-rail [c] and position the bottom of the bottom rail, up 6" (150mm) from the bottom of the legs. Refer to the picture and the drawing below.

Check the frame is square and then lock it in place by adding 3 more screws at each meeting.

kitchen island front and rear frames

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